• FootballPhoto of Klopp Completes 100 Days at the Kop 

    Klopp Completes 100 Days at the Kop 

    It’s been 100 days since Klopp arrived at Anfield and when he started off people were making quick judgements about him after a couple of impressive away results. At one point some journalists were even speculating about Liverpool joining the title race, something that didn’t really happen. Even at the time I felt it was too early to judge. After…

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  • FootballPhoto of Klopp for the Kop! 

    Klopp for the Kop! 

      1. First and foremost, have a real go at Tottenham. It’s his 1st game at the club. The fans are not going to turn on him if he loses. They will be more interested in the performance of the team. Klopp needs to be aware of that. He should set his team out to play expansive intense football rather…

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