Klopp for the Kop! 

2.[tps_title] Don’t be an idiot [/tps_title]

I know this sounds harsh, but towards the end of his reign Brendan Rodgers was being exactly that. His lineups and tactics were often baffling and begged belief. Klopp has to be smarter than that. Don’t start Benteke and bench your most exciting winger (Jordan Ibe). If you start a strong Centre Forward, you need to supply him with crosses. It’s as simple as that.
Don’t overcomplicate the game under the pretext of “technical football” and things like that. Devise a system suited to your most important players. (Sturridge, Benteke, Ibe, Coutinho) Play players in their best positions. No more Firminho out wide or Ibe at wing back please.  Don’t try to fix square pegs in round holes.
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