6 Ways to Refuel, Re-energize, and Recover

We all know by now that to achieve weight loss and fitness goals, exercise is key. However, what you do between your workouts is just as important. Having adequate time to recover, will not only optimize your results but also decrease the risk of injury.

Everyone is different and will respond differently to both stimulus and recovery. There is no “one size fits all” system. Pay attention to your body and listen to what it tells you. Adjusting your workouts and recovery time is crucial.


“Recovery” is basically the ability of our bodies to prepare themselves for the demands of the next burst of physical activity. Blood pressure is lowered, Blood glucose and muscle glycogen levels are replenished and cellular enzymes used for fuel, are replaced.

Recovery actually begins while you are still working out, known as “immediate recovery.” Then you have “short-term recovery,” which happens between sets and “training recovery,” which happens between workouts.

Generally speaking, the harder your workout, the more muscle fibres are recruited, the longer you need to take off for recovery. The most important aspect of recovery is refueling. Your muscles break down at a cellular level, so you need to consume protein and carbohydrates to replenish them.


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Rocco Marinelli

Rocco is the VP here at QuirkyByte, and he has been writing since he could hold a crayon. He is a huge fan of music, nature, the arts and anything unique, or creative. Physical fitness is also a passion for him. Currently Rocco resides in upstate New York.
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