20 Reactions Showing How Fans Are Excited About You Season 3

Netflix released the season 3 trailer for ‘You’ and it just blew our minds off. Fans are excited to see Joe and Love together having a baby and still managing the thrills that are so messed up. The show is going to begin streaming on October 15 on Netflix. So here are some of the reactions showing how fans are excited about You Season 3:

1. We All Are Waiting For It!!


2. OMG!!

3. Hot Moms!!


4. Totally In!!

5. Screaming!!


6. Can’t Watch!!

7. Creepy And Interesting!


8. Woah!!

9. Super Insane!!


10. Here We Go Again!!

11. What If?


12. Exactly!!

13. Killer!!


14. The Irony!!

15. Definitly!


16. Okay!!

17. We Are!!


18. Craziest Season!!

19. Agreed!!


20. Interesting!

Clearly, the fans are excited about You Season 3. Are you? Let us know.

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