Netflix Is Working On A Live-Action Pokemon Movie

Netflix is ruling the entertainment industry with both movies and web series as their vehicles. They are placing their bets on some of the most massive fan-favorite items for investment. Ranging from some of the best in literature to some of the most daunting reboots, Netflix is ready to realize all of these. Live-action remake is one of the most awesome trends in movies nowadays. With the advent of technology that can make the most dreamy sequences an absolute possibility live-action remakes seem absolutely sensible. While some of these live-action remakes seem to fail others end up getting a warm response from the audience. Let’s look into the reports of the live-action Pokemon movie under development at Netflix.


Ever since its premiere in 1996, Pokémon has been one of the most successful multimedia franchises in the history of anime. It has had a lot of merchandise and other mediums to gather a massive audience all around the world. This includes video games, trading cards, television series, and even feature films. One of the first movies, Pokémon: The First Movie still holds the position of the highest-grossing anime film at the domestic box office. Recent success also includes the mobile-based game Pokémon Go in 2016. This was seen by various studios as a means of investing in this hype and bringing back fanservice material for the massive fanbase of Pokémon.


Live-Action Pokemon Movie

Live-Action Pokemon Movie

According to some sources at The Illuminerdi, Netflix is apparently developing a live-action film that will be in continuation to their upcoming Netflix series. Recently, another Pokémon product, the film Detective received fairly positive reviews from the critics and was adored by the fans too. It has been confirmed that the Netflix project won’t have any links with the latter. There’s no confirmed news regarding when this project will start or when we might get to witness any development on it.


This decision is absolutely in compliance with the other such moves made by Netflix. Their recent attempts at live-action adaptations have received positive responses from both the audience and avid fans of the material. They also recently announced the cast for their live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Live-action remakes of anime products hardly end up being successful but Netflix can be trusted with trying their best at making a worthy product after all.


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