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7 MCU Theories Made Real By Marvel Zombies And 3 That They don’t Tell you About

The fifth episode of What If…? Finally dropped. Lo and behold, it is a Zombies episode. Something that we thought would never happen in the MCU. It got us thinking about the larger narrative of the episode. And what’s amazing is that it actually used many of our MCU-based fan theories of the past. Episode 5 made them MCU canon. So Here are 7 MCU theories made real by Marvel Zombies, and the other 3 that they don’t tell you about. Take a look:


A lot of fans theorized that Ant-Man could defeat Thanos by going inside his body through the backside and growing to full size. It was a fun theory that the Russos debunked for Infinity War and Endgame. But after the Yellowjacket used this tactic in the comics, we got to see this enacted out by the Wasp in What If…?. When she entered Sharon’s mouth in her miniature size, she grew to full size and burst her from the inside. It weird way to make a theory real but I like it!


Wasp Ant Swarm

We all knew that The Wasp could control the miniature bugs just like Scott because the technology was invented by his father but we never saw it in the MCU. Well, it can be seen fully realized in the battle of New York when Wasp uses her bugs to eat through Zombie Strange and the Black Order. Gruesome, but effective.

Giant Wasp

Theories Made Real By Marvel Zombies

Another one of the technologies that only Scott used and Hope never touched was going Giant instead of small. Again, we all knew that she could do it but she never did in the main MCU. It is endearing to see her sacrifice herself to the zombies because she is dying and go full Giant Wasp to get the remaining Avengers to the cure. What a tragic yet appropriate way to put her story to an end.


Captain Bucky

After the retirement of Captain America in Endgame fans theorized that the Shield and mantle of Captain America will be passed on to Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier. However, the event of Falcon and the Winter Soldier went a little differently. Regardless, we got to see Bucky finally get the shield with this episode of What If…? This made the Captain Bucky theory real in the MCU.


Hulking Out

A lot of fans thought that if Banner was in actual danger in Infinity War then Hulk may have come back out. But this never actually happened during the movie. However, during the show, we got to see Banner Hulk Out on the Zombies even after the green giant had refused to come out. Nice touch from the writers to not leave Banner high and dry like in the movie.


MCU Zombies

It was long theorized that the MCU will introduce Zombies sooner or later so when the trailer first came out we were over the moon about the Zombie episode. The trope has been a staple of the comics and now it has become part of the MCU, we can only wish that this trend continues in the future.

Gory Action

No matter what anyone says there has never been so much gore in the MCU as was in this single episode. What If…? episode 4 is not your average episode. It is a truly Grimm reality and it has the tone to match it. Fans had been clobbering for such a take on the MCU, well they should be glad that they got it.


Thor Has Turned (They Don’t Tell You)

Theories Made Real By Marvel Zombies

One of the things that the show fails to mention is the fate of Thor. We see that Thanos is a Zombie too at the end of the episode but we have so many more questions about the fate of the others. Most notably, Thor. Odinson must have attained Stormbreaker and come to earth in search of Thanos. Was he defeated by the villain, or turned into a Zombie too, or did he die at the hands of the horde? We have so many questions.


Cape Battle Scars (They Don’t Tell You)

Another of the unanswered questions in the episode is the reason why Cape is separate from Strange and why it is so torn up. We think it is because the Cape fought off Zombie Strange and Zombie Wong, and then flew back to the Sanctum. It is also possible that the cape may have tried saving the time stone from Thanos but failed. We cannot know what happened but we can theorize that the Cape is the Sanctum’s last guardian.


Thanos Got all the Stones (They Don’t Tell You)

The timing of Thanos getting all the stones and Dr. Strange arriving to eat the Black order doesn’t make a lot of sense. One of the reasons is that Strange does not have the time stone when his zombie version comes to the sanctum to eat the black order. Secondly, by the end of the episode, Thanos has conquered Wakanda and has all the stones except the mind stone. And now he is ready to take the Mind Stone from T’Challa and co. It is all too fast. When did he get the time stone if hulk just arrived on earth? Did he have time to go and collect the reality and soul stones? How and where did he find the time stone? We may never know the answer to these… Or maybe the episode connecting to this one will start off by showing Thanos’ Zombie quest.

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