The Flash: Another Major Character Now Knows Barry’s Secret Identity

The Flash is now the flagship TV Show of the Arrowverse. As begrudging as it is to admit, stupidity maybe The Flash’s greatest suit but so is TRP. The Flash started out as a great psycho-thriller with Reverse Flash playing tricks with Barry’s mind and getting under his skin each and every step of the way. In Season 2, Zoom’s attempt at breaking the Flash was devastating for the Scarlet Speedster. Savitar’s big reveal may be disappointing but the fights between the two Barry’s were unquestionably awesome. Season 1, Season 2, and to some extent even Season 3 was unmatched in terms of depth and engaging the audience. And then there’s The Flash Season 4.

The Flash Season 4 started out strong and fizzled into a flame too dim to light the room. The choice of the Thinker as the big bad of the Season was undeniably a wise choice but the way the show is developing is an unwise one. Stupidity has taken hold of The Flash Season 4 by the neck. And it just got weirder….and stupider.

Another character now knows Barry Allen’s Secret identity in The Flash Season 4.

Spoiler Alert: The Following article contains major spoilers for The Flash Season 4 Episode 12. Look away of you haven’t watched that sucker yet!!!!

In the latest Episode of The Flash, The Warden of Iron Heights Penitentiary is the latest to know about the man behind the red mask. Barry Allen is in prison but he still has his powers with him. He cannot resist using them within the prison as well. Although Barry thinks he has outsmarted the Prison authorities by using his powers only when the rotating cameras were looking away from his line of sight, Warden Wolfe has stayed a step ahead of The Flash. Unbeknownst to Barry, Warden Wolfe had installed a secondary camera near his cell.

And the camera’s high-speed capture allowed it to record Barry while using his powers. The camera recorded Barry emanating lightning as he ran away from his cell. Warden Wolfe knows Barry is the Flash. But he doesn’t report it to the authorities. He drugs Barry and throws him into a metahuman-proof prison cell. Warden Wolfe then calls Amunet with the intention of selling The Flash.

It is not the first time that Warden Wolfe’s actions were questionable. When Kilg%re aka Ramsey Deacon (the first metahuman baddie of Season 4 with technology-controlling powers) was captured and sent to Iron Heights, it was Wolfe who encounters him. Sinister music plays on the background as the screen fades to black. No one knows what happened to Kilg%re but judging by the way the Flash was man-handled, Kilg%re has also been sold to the highest bidder, the sole and highest bidder being Amunet.

Amunet has been featured before in the previous episodes of The Flash Season 4. She is the crime boss of Central City who trades metahumans in the black market. She is a metahuman herself, able to control metal. Killer Frost used to work as muscle for Amunet until she rebelled and got away (not before Amunet almost brought the house down on Caitlin, Iris, Felicity, and Cecile). Amunet is the one that supplied Clifford Devoe with Dominic Lance. Lance is now Devoe himself after the latter transferred his consciousness to the former. Amunet specifically targets the Bus-Metas for selling them on the Black Market. And now she is about to get her hands on the mother lode.

No one knows what horrors await for Barry Allen now. Amunet will only use Barry for her Metahuman slave trade/fight business. That is of she gets her hands on him first. We still don’t know where Warden Wolfe’s allegiances lie. He could be just playing two cards at once, while actually being working for the Thinker all along. Barry is trying to prove Big Sir innocent while Team Flash is trying to catch a guy for which Big Sir was wrongfully committed in the first place. That is awfully convenient if you ask us.


Was it the Thinker’s plan all along? Was he banking on Barry trying to help Big Sir by breaking him out of prison as Warden Wolfe catches him red-handed? As Harrison Wells puts it “There are no coincidences”. Not when it comes to the Thinker.

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