7 Big Questions We Have After Loki Episode 2, The Variant

Loki is currently the only project of TVA that is raising a lot of queries. There are many questions we have after Loki episode 2, “The Variant”. But the best thing here is that without any wait, it has answered the questions in the next episode. This is exactly what happened in the second episode of Loki. It revealed more details about the TVA, the Time-Keepers, the Sacred Timeline and the best here was the cloaked figure revealed to be Lady Loki. Moreover, from the time when the trailer was released, most of the theories said that the cloaked figure might be Lady Loki.

Episode 2 continues from where Episode 1 ended. Loki and Mobius try to track down the variant that has been killing TVA hunter squads. The variant is seen hiding in different apocalyptic moments across time. When Lady Loki makes her appearance at the end of the episode, she sends most of the TVA’s reset charges to different places and years in the Sacred Timeline, and that sparks various nexus events. Loki then vanishes through a time door with Lady Loki at her heels. Now certain events of the second episode have raised a few questions. Let’s see if we can find the answers.

Questions We Have After Loki Episode 2

1. What does Ravonna Renslayer know?

In the second episode, Ravonna Renslayer tells Mobius that she has been in contact with the Time-Keepers and they have a special interest in Lady Loki. But she might not be telling the whole story here. According to the comics, Ravonna is the love interest of Kang the Conqueror who is all set to make his MCU debut in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. But this does not mean she will be a villain in the MCU. Very little information is known about the Time-Keepers, so maybe Renslayer knows more than what she is saying.

2. What happens at the end of the Sacred Timeline?

In the second episode, Mobius tells Loki that the Time-Keepers have not sorted out anything at the end of the Sacred Timeline. Now, this raises further questions on how the Sacred Timeline works. No one knows how far into the future the current timeline goes and what happens when it hits the point that has not been decided yet. The universe might exist through its heat-death and we don’t know how the proper ending looks like. Considering the number of time travel stories, these questions just lead to more questions. Now, all we need is the answers to these questions. The details related to the end of time are still classified.

3. What is Lady Loki’s plan?

Lady Loki’s entry towards the end of the episode was surely surprising for most of the MCU fans. The TVA readout shows us the set of times and places where she sent reset charges. This also includes non-Earth locations. They are meant to erase divergent branches from the Sacred Timeline. But since Lady Loki erased the moments of the Sacred Timeline, this has set off a chain reaction of the biggest nexus events that would be difficult to contain. She did it maybe because to use her powers for destroying the Sacred Timeline and resurrect the original multiverse.

This can be an act of chaos and a believable motivation in itself for any Loki variant. But her motivations may be more complex. There is something wrong with the Time-Keepers. This is because no one has seen them. There is a possibility that Lady Loki knows the secret about the Time-Keepers or she disagrees with three people determining the fate of the entire galaxy. There are many reasons for her to restore the multiverse and end the TVA.

4. How many other Loki variants are there?

Questions We Have After Loki Episode 2

Now after the second episode, one thing is clear that Lady Loki exists. Till now the character was being seen only in the comics. But finally, she made her MCU debut. Now we don’t know how many Loki variants are out there. It can be endless considering if the timeline continues to cycle in perpetuity. This means that the other variants might appear later in the series. They could be on the side of Lady Loki or even fight independently. Even Mobius says in one of the scenes that Loki variants pop up more in comparison to any other person in history.

5. Where did Lady Loki come from?

Mobius says in one of the scenes that TVA encounters Loki variants daily. Most of them vary in their physical appearance. Now Lady Loki’s differences from the main MCU Loki are the results of a similar phenomenon. But we don’t know from where these altered variants come from. Lady Loki did not just pop up from somewhere. Even she belongs somewhere. She was also grown up and experienced the same kind of misadventures as the main Loki. But she has made her MCU debut so late.

This has happened possibly since the Sacred Timeline has been termed as looping forever, this allows for different minor variations. Loki’s gender does not matter much in the universe. So a female Loki appearing in one timeline instead of a male will not demand any interference from the TVA. The level of variance that demands intervention and the permissible level are unknown in the series. But a few things could be allowed to differ from one cycle of the timeline to the other. But this does not explain how Lady Loki became aware of the TVA or why she has been staying away from her set role in the Sacred Timeline.

6. What would happen if the Sacred Timeline is destroyed?

Questions We Have After Loki Episode 2

At the starting of the episode, Loki has a short conversation with the animated character Miss Minutes. It tells Loki that if the Sacred Timeline is warped by an unfixable nexus event, the reality would be destroyed. But we don’t know what this means. An MCU multiverse existed before the intervention of the Time-Keepers. This means it can be sustainable again. The reason to consider that the end of the Sacred Timeline will destroy the reality is that the existence of the multiverse in the past led to a devastating war between the timelines. But the Time-Keepers might be lying about that war. But if they are not, there is no way to prove that the same thing will happen if the multiverse is restored.

7. What do the Time-Keepers want?

The motivations of the Time-Keepers are still a mystery. Maybe they just want to maintain order by keeping the multiverse distilled in one Sacred Timeline. But there are more clues about what they want that could be more sinister. Mobius also tells Loki that the Time-Keepers are busy finding out how the Sacred Timeline should end. When that puzzle is solved, the TVA and the rest of reality will converge into one peaceful conclusion. But there are still many holes in that story.

The Time-Keepers have existed for millions of years. If they have the power to create the entirety of the TVA and keep many realities in check, it looks odd that they wouldn’t have been able to work out the end of the timeline by now. No one at the TVA has seen the Time-Keepers. Renslayer claims to have interacted with them but this is not proven yet. It is not known how the Time-Keepers managed to create the Sacred Timeline and what happened during the purported multiverse war. Overall, the Time-Keepers are getting more mysterious since a lot of things are yet to be revealed.

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