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The Most Realistic Suit Of Batman Is In The Comics (Not The Batman)

Over the years we have gotten to see some major developments with regards to the costume that the caped crusader is seen wearing in Gotham. A lot of major developments have been made in order to fit with the narrative of the project. There have been chances where we got to see the hero working on the costume from the very basics. This has allowed us to get a very realistic aspect of the character and his costume. But there is a chance that these costumes in the movies aren’t actually the most realistic depictions. The most realistic suit of Batman might be the one that we got to see in the comic books.

Batman Costumes

Tim Burton’s Batman made the very first transition into shifting for a pure black costume, something that was closer to the comics. But it became obvious that this costume didn’t benefit the character very much as Michael Keaton had difficulty moving his head. Following that, a lot of the other actors have suggested that the costume makes it very difficult to make a proper movement. Nolan’s Batman was the very first time we got a costume that was worked upon and it was a lot more realistic than the previous costumes. This costume allowed for the character to have the daunting look while at the same time working on his more practical aspects.


The latest costume that we got to see was Robert Pattinson’s in The Batman. This costume was a lot more tactical and there were elements to it that gave it a realistic touch. Since the narrative was for a Batman that had just started, it gave a very grounded take on the character. The Bat sign on the chest was a weapon in itself and Batman uses it later in the movie. Ever since the plans for the movie were indicated, there had been a lot of hints regarding where the suit would be inspired from. The leather cowl with the realistic stitching and additional texturing felt like it was taken from the pages of the comics.


Batman Costumes In Comics

In Batman’s comic book history, the character has been depicted wearing tights with materials like kevlar being present in the suit. In order to make it real in the movies, filmmakers end up using rubber, leather, and fabric. Over the years each new artist has made an attempt at making the costume useful according to their depiction of the characters in the movie. Each of these costumes has had an impact on the movies, with the final suit from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice clearly being a reference to the Dark Knight Returns. Both of the suits were essential to defeating Superman and they did manage to fulfil that.


The Most Realistic Suit Of Batman

Artist Lee Bermejo has worked on multiple Batman stories for the comics and sometimes he has actually managed to give us the best costume for the character we could have asked for. These realistic costumes appeared in Joker, Batman: Noel, and Batman: Damned. The costume fulfils the priority of being able to strike fear in the hearts of the criminals and at the same time gives the character a much more real element to look for. There are elements in this costume that clearly indicate that Bruce Wayne is much more into the practicality of the costume than the bat brand.


Most Realistic Suit Of Batman

The art uses a photorealistic style that makes this iteration of the character something that can be picked for a live-action interpretation. This gives the bat suit a certain edge when it comes to the type of costume Bruce Wayne will actually manage to create. Batman can be a lot more physical while at the same time going on some of the dark narratives of the character. The idea of Batman in tights is completely removed in this case, something that we got to see in the early renditions of the characters. We can be sure that Lee Bermejo’s artwork has been a crucial aspect of the costumes that we have gotten to see in the movies.


It seems like comics really have the most realistic suit of Batman in it, what do you think about it? tell us in the comments.

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