10 X-Men With The Most Unfortunate Mutations

In the X-Men universe, we have grown up knowing about some freakishly strong mutants who fall under the six categories of mutants like Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilon, and omega level. Each level of mutants distinguished in their class with powers, sometimes ranging to almost nothing to them developing the powers as they grow into teenagers or adults. Powers of Storm which allows her the control of the weather, at any given place at any point of time to Wolverine with regenerative powers that helped him survive the procedure where adamantium (strongest metal in the X-Men universe) was infused in his body to merge with his bone structure and whilst the molten adamantium was molding to his body, wolverine’s regenerative ability allowed him to regenerate his tissue to his new bone structure and making him nearly invincible. Also, not to forget the retractable adamantium claws which he can control at will. As the title suggests we are to talk about those mutations that kind of rendered the mutants who had them kind of useless.

Nature Girl

X-Men unfortunate mutations
X-Men unfortunate mutations

As the name suggests this mutant girl had the power to interact with the living things found in nature and to some extent seldom control the weather and maybe even fly a little. Lin Li knew as Nature Girl would remind you of Storm but with a gentler side and a love for nature and all the beings that come as a part and parcel of the deal. So, then you must be wondering what is this sweet benevolent girl doing on our list.

Well, the weird part is that Lin has a pair of antlers that grow out of her head, which kind of seems unsettling when it comes to practicality whether it is combat or stealth mission. Also, one can only imagine the kind of unsettling looks that one might get if she steps into the human world with those antlers sticking out of her head.

Shark Girl

X-Men unfortunate mutations

As the name suggests Iara Dos Santos is a Wireshark just like a werewolf. Shark girl is one of those unlucky mutants who can transform into a beast, but most of the time it’s outside of her element of the beast as we are not aware of many X-Men encounters happening underwater.

In addition to that Santos has another trouble with being in control of her consciousness when she smells blood which comes from the term blood hunger, like that of a shark’s instinct. All in all, during battle she is not the wingman one would want to have on one’s side.


John Zander knew as Jazz, the only mutant power that this character of the X-Men universe possessed was his blue skin. Yes, you heard right Blue skin.

X-Men unfortunate mutations

Dressed like a 2000s African-American, it was extremely surprising to know that he lasted for 10 series in the X-Men comics, before being unceremoniously being dumped in the 2006s ‘X-Men: The 198 #3’. Hardly anyone remembered him back then and hardly anyone remembers him now.


Well, the name itself does not give any clear indication of the kind of power someone named Choir could possess. But Irina Clayton had a mutation that could be termed as both freaky and useless. Irina’s mutant power was that she had 3 more mouths other than hers on her neck. A useless power that could be hidden from the world by adorning a turtle neck around the general public.

She lost her mutant ability after the traumatic events of M-Day and played a very minor role in the X-Men comic universe who was not seen since 2004’s ‘New X-Men #10’.


With the reminiscence of such a name, it is hard to believe not being able to make out the kind of weird mutant ability this kid had. Trevor Hawkins also known as Eye-boy, literally had 57 eyes all over his body, which is kind of a little freaky too as he has them way too many than the normal count compared to humans or mutants are used to having them.

X-Men unfortunate mutations
X-Men unfortunate mutations

Apart from all the eye-related abilities like telescopic vision, X-Ray vision, night vision, and illusion detection powers connected to his 57 eyes. Having these 57 eyes was the weirdest mutation powers of all.

Bailey Hoskins

Having serious firepower is listed as an ‘A’ if one was to indulge in a battle or a combat situation. Being able to self-combust to render the enemy powerless a power one would wish to have. Bailey Hoskins’s mutant ability allowed him to do this same thing, but the only downside of this power is if your body cannot pull itself back together after the explosion or if your mutant body does not have any regenerative ability then this kind of power sucks. And that was the case with Bailey Hoskins he was just a normal boy with the ability to self-combust without the power of being able to pull himself back together.

Ugly John

Now, this is one power that we wish for no one to have. Steve had an extremely weird kind of mutation which made to have 3 faces melded into one and unlike his face, his other facial features constituted of 4 eyes, 3 noses, and 3 mouths. Though his wild field of vision and smelling capabilities may have been far superior to any normal human being, this mutation didn’t bring him any other choices in terms of combating power.


X-Men unfortunate mutations
X-Men unfortunate mutations

Angelo Espinosa had an unfortunate mutation and got this name. A skin-related mutation could not have something, which was exciting. Angelo’s mutant superpower gave him access to an extra 6 feet of skin which was grey in color.

He can stretch and form something from this skin but had to put in a lot of extra focus and the skin was not even impregnable, to make your appearance a star-worthy approach in the X-Men franchise.


Japheth is also known as Maggott’s mutant power was the presence of two giant slugs namely Eany and Meany. These omnivorous pair of slugs are connected to the Japheth’s digestive system and in turn, provide Japheth with the needed nutrients and energy to stay alive. It not only another useless mutation, but the very fact that your survival rest’s in the stomach of two slugs is completely preposterous, and do not forget you can never eat or enjoy a meal and in combat this mutation is useless.


X-Men unfortunate mutations
X-Men unfortunate mutations

William Hanover aka Longneck is the most underrated X-Men character in the X-Men universe. His mutant power as you guessed is having a long neck. Rendering one kind of useless in combat situations because one is not fighting giraffe’s, where you go around smacking your long neck into your opponent’s neck and hope one of the tires down and ultimately forfeits the combat. Here is our list of the most underpowered mutants in the X-Men universe. So, which do you think was the most unfortunate mutant power to possess?

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