10 Alternate Versions of Spider-Man in The Marvel Comics

Alternate Versions of Spider-Man:

Thanks to MCU and Tom Holland that Spider-Man has become one of the most favorites and talked about superheroes lately. Fans relate to him a lot for his youth and goofiness. We have watched many versions of Spider-Man played and voiced by several actors over the years. But the most popular and critically acclaimed Spidey movie is Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse that introduced us to many versions of the web-slinger other than Peter Parker. There are unfathomable reincarnations of the superhero in the multiverses of Marvel. We are going to discuss the 10 alternate versions of Spider-Man other than Peter Parker in the Marvel Comics.

 1. Spider-Cyborg

Spider-Cyborg’s powers were similar to those of other versions of Peter Parker but also had cybernetic enhancements. He was Peter Parker but from the future of 2099. Peter initially had the mainstream powers of Spider-Man until he became a Cyborg and got his body parts replaced with robotic implants.

 2. Cosmic Spider-Man

Cosmic Spider-Man is one of the most powerful entities in all the Marvel universes combined. This version of Spider-Man appeared in the Spectacular Spider-Man where the hero came to be known as Captain Universe. Uni-Power is a cosmic power that possesses a host and bestows upon them cosmic powers. Peter Parker became Captain Universe after an explosion at Empire University.

 3. Six Arm Spider-Man

In What If….? Peter grew extra limbs while drinking a power-enhancing potion. This definitely gave him augmented speed and strength which helped him defeat most of his nemesis and save Gwen Stacy.

 4. Spider-Wolf

This version resided on Earth-13989 and has had very few appearances. He possesses the same powers as those of Peter Parker of the mainstream universe along with the powers of Werewolf.

 5. Spider-Man 2099

Miguel O’Hara became Spider-Man after his DNA got linked to spider genes after his experiment got sabotaged by his senior at the lab. He shares the same powers of Peter Parker but has some additional ones like telepathy, paralyzing fangs, and enhanced vision. He is a computer genius and had state-of-the-art technology like time travel machines. He met Peter Parker in one of his time travel adventures and the two fought Hobgoblin.

 6. Peni Parker

Alternate Versions of Spider-Man
Alternate Versions of Spider-Man

Peni belonged to Japan from an alternate reality of Marvel. After letting the radioactive spider bite her so she could pilot her late father’s SP//dr suit, Peni and the spider joined hands to control the CPU of the suit. This was a manga style issue where the superhero was basically the SP//dr.

 7. Silk

Silk aka Cindy Moon comes from the same reality as that of Peter Parker. The radioactive spider that had bitten Peter at the exhibition of the nuclear laboratory had slipped from his hand on to Cindy’s ankle and bit her. Even though her powers had manifested quite later, she had better spider-sense. She was held captive for 13 years by Ezekiel Sims until Peter learned about her and rescued her.

 8. Spider-Girl

Anya Corazon is an alternate version who also existed on Earth-616. She received her powers from the Spider-Society after she tried saving their sorcerer from being killed. Her powers were more advanced as she could camouflage and had a blue exoskeleton and super flexibility as she used to be a gymnast.

 9. Miles Morales

Miles became more popular after the success of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. He has proved to have more powers than the mainstream Peter Parker. He belongs to Earth- 1610 and came into the picture after Norman Osborn aka Green Goblin was arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D and few months before Peter Parker’s death. He was bitten by a spider with Oz formula that emerged out of his uncle’s bag. This spider had crawled into his uncle’s bag when he was breaking into Osborn Industries. The bite gave Morales more enhanced powers such as camouflage and electric blasts. He became a crime fighter after the first Spider-Man died.

 10. Spider-Gwen

Alternate Versions of Spider-Man
Alternate Versions of Spider-Man

If you have seen Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, you are well aware of this version. The places switch in another reality where Gwen was bitten by a radioactive spider whereas Peter Parker was the one who died. Spider-Gwen is smart and agile and has easy access to information since her father is a cop.

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