10 of Marvel’s Deadliest Telekinetic Mutants That Will Blow Your Mind Off

Marvel’s Telekinetic Mutants:

Telekinesis is the power to control and manipulate objects with one’s mind. It is an ability that is found aplenty in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Numerous superhumans of Marvel boast of this feat. Within the Mutant Community, the power of telekinesis is even more abundant. Some mutants stand a class apart when it comes to the power of Mind over Matter.

 1. Kid Omega

Marvel’s Telekinetic Mutants

Not exactly a superhero, Quentin Quire is more or less an Anti-Hero within the Marvel Continuity. He was once a student at the Xavier Institute. Kid Omega is a mutant with genius-level intellect and Omega Level psychic abilities.  Quentin has gifted a portion of the Phoenix Force and gained heightened telekinetic powers by the cosmic entity. Even before he was chosen by the Phoenix Force, Quentin could create a psionic shotgun that can fire psychic energy blasts. With his new powers, Quentin can fly unaided in space and the fact that he was chosen to be a host for the Phoenix Force speaks volumes about his prowess.

 2. Matthew Malloy

Matthew Malloy is yet another Omega Level Mutant that has powers that transcend the dimensions of space and time. Malloy’s powers have been termed to be at a level that is way above Omega Level. He might be the world’s only Ultra Level Mutant. Matthew Malloy does not even have control over his abilities. Cyclops once termed him a literal God whose powers are greater than Madelyne Pryor, Legion, Franklin Richards, Magneto, Onslaught, Scarlet Witch, and Legion’s powers combined. Malloy destroyed an entire city just with a mere thought. He can take down a SHIELD Airship from miles away. His telekinetic powers derive energy from a source that exists in an extra-dimensional plane.  He is so potent a mutant that he can even warp reality with his powers.

 3. Franklin Richards

Things About Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards is the only other mutant on this list that has a power level beyond Omega Level, the other being Matthew Malloy. Franklin is the son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm aka Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four. Franklin’s powers have been recognized by the Celestials. He has the power to generate pocket universes and control particle energy. Franklin can manipulate reality and the fabric of space-time. He is a universal weapon of ultimate destruction as Professor X once called him. Franklin Richards is not even at his strongest. He is just a child. Once he achieves control over all his powers, he can do wonders. In the future, Franklin is shown to have used his telekinesis to fight Galactus, turning him into his Herald. He also can fly at light speeds using his telekinesis.

 4. Professor X

Smartest Mutants in Marvel Comics

While always seen as the World’s Most Powerful Telepath and the Mentor to the X-Men, many do not know this but Xavier is also one of the World’s Greatest Tele-Kinetic Warriors. The extent of his power to affect the physical world with his mental powers has varied over time from writer to writer. Professor X is not nearly as powerful as the rest of the entries on this list. But he does have a trump card – the psychic augmentation device known as Cerebro. Cerebro can augment all his mutant abilities. This puts him as one of the deadliest in his field of work.

 5. Legion

Marvel’s Telekinetic Mutants

Legion’s real name is David Haller. He is the son of Professor Charles Xavier. As a result of his parentage, Haller is gifted with psychic abilities no other telepath can boast of. Haller’s powers allow him to absorb the powers of any being he comes into contact with. The only side effect is he absorbs the psyche of that person as well. David’s superhero code name is apt – Legion. There are multiple personas within Haller’s mind, each vying for control and the spotlight. Legion has the power to control fire, travel across time, and warp reality. One of the psyches within Haller has the power of Telekinesis and it is nothing to be taken lightly.

 6. Rachel Summers

Marvel’s Telekinetic Mutants

Rachel Summers belongs to an alternate reality timeline called Days of Future Past. She is the daughter of Scott Summers aka Cyclops and Jean Grey in that reality. Rachel started as a mutant mercenary working under Ahab. After breaking free of Ahab’s control, Rachel became an X-Man, sending Shadow Cat back in time to change the past and undo the events of the bleak future reality. Rachel is a powerful psychic and telekinetic. She has enough power to be chosen as a host to the dreadful Phoenix Force. Rachel possesses the ability to use her telekinesis for molecular manipulation. She can transmute and manipulate matter at the atomic level. She has used it to rewrite the human gene and create shields powerful enough to survive a strike from Thor’s Mjolnir.

 7. Cable

Smartest Mutants in Marvel Comics

The cable is the brother to Rachel Summers. He is the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor, an evil clone of Jean Grey. Cable was infected with the Techno Organic Virus when she was a child. Cable was sent to the future so that he could be treated with his condition and become an able warrior. In the future, Cable learned how to use his telekinesis to keep the T.O Virus at bay. He learned how to fight using his innate combat prowess. Cable compensates for his inability to use his powerful Telekinesis in combat by relying on advanced weaponry and superior physical attributes. But when he is set free of the virus, he can be a force of mother nature. Cable once levitated an entire city to the upper atmosphere and still had enough strength to fight the Silver Surfer simultaneously. The Silver Surfer is not a random superhero. He is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Comic Book Universe.

 8. Jean Grey

Marvel Superheroes Betrayed Fans And Became Villains

This list would not have been complete without Jean Grey being included as an entry. The quintessential Marvel Girl ha such an immense telekinetic potential that she was chosen as the Host to the Mighty Phoenix Force. Up until now, Jean Grey is considered the strongest Avatar of the Phoenix Force. The entity loves her so much that it has resurrected her from the dead just so it could repossess her. Jean Grey is capable of changing matter at a molecular level. Her Phoenix Force powers make her deadly enough for her to destroy an entire star system, annihilating countless lives, with the flick of a finger.

 9. Psylocke

Betsy Brandt took over her brother’s role as Captain Britain after his departure from the mantle. Later, after gaining a pair of cybernetic eyes she gave herself the name Psylocke. Betsy Brandt has a very tumultuous past in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. She once had her mind swapped with the body of a Japanese Ninja Assassin called Revanche and the Audience found it extremely racially offensive. Psylocke gave up her telepathy in return for powerful telekinetic abilities. Her psychic ability allowed her to conjure a psychic knife. After gaining her new powers, she began conjuring a psionic katana that could cut through anything. Psylocke has used her telekinesis in combat too, augmenting her already impressive acrobatic skills.

 10. Hellion

Marvel’s Telekinetic Mutants

Julian Keller started as a normal mutant rookie within the Xavier Institute. But he quickly became an adept mutant fighter, gaining Emma Frost’s attention. Becoming the Apple of the Eye of the White Queen is itself a feat not humanly possible. But Keller did not stop there. It is later discovered by Frost that Keller has had mental blocks placed on his mind, to stop his telekinetic powers form growing and developing. Frost used her telepathy to destroy those mental dampeners. Julian’s powers soon sky-rocketed right after. At one point in time, Julian lost both his hands to a mission gone wrong. Then he started using two metal arms as a substitute for his hands, controlled by his telekinesis. One of his greatest feats was single-handedly smashing a Sentinel into a pulp. He is also one of the few mutants that can take down all the obstacles in the Danger Room on his own.

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