10 Cosmic Power Sources From Marvel And DC Stronger Than The Force From Star Wars

Cosmic Power Sources From Marvel And DC:

The Force is an all-encompassing field of energy generated by all living things in the Star Wars Universe. The Jedi and the Sith have used it to perform Godlike feats. But is it the most powerful source of energy to ever exist in fiction? Turns out the DC and Marvel overlords have developed their own cosmic energy sources way more powerful than Star Wars’ the Force.

 1. Speed Force

Cosmic Power Sources From Marvel And DC

The Speed Force is an alternate dimension of pure energy that grants all the speedsters of the DC Universe their speedster powers. The Speed Force is sentient and can think for itself just like the Force. It is the ultimate authority of speed and velocity in the DC Universe. Users of the Speed Force like Barry Allen, Wally West, and Jesse Quick have the ability to travel at or almost at the speed of light. Barry and Wally even possess the ability to think of speeds of light, allowing them to think over a billion contingencies in a matter of a second. It also allows them phasing through objects and turn themselves into a human weapon of mass destruction via the virtue of the Infinite Mass Punch. The Speed Force also allows for time travel. The alternate energy realm can also help its user grant the same abilities to or take away said abilities from others.

 2. Agamotto

Cosmic Power Sources From Marvel And DC

Agamotto is the son of the Elder Goddess Oshtur and the original Sorcerer Supreme. Agamottot dedicated his entire life to learning and developing the mystic arts. The rest of the magicians and sorcerers that followed led the same path Agamotto paved down in the first place. Agamotto became so powerful that he ended up transcending the mortal realm and created his own pocket dimension, where he exists as an all-knowing, omnipotent entity. All Magic that ever was, is or will flow through Agamotto. Doctor Strange is powered by the energy of Agamotto, who has also bestowed his greatest gifts on the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth-like the Eye and Orb of Agamotto. Agamotto’s power is so great even Galactus faced certain defeat at the hands of Strange when he channeled Agamotto’s might into his magic.

 3. Emotional Spectrum

The Green Lantern Corps of the DC Universe is the creation’s peacekeepers. They are given the Green Lantern Ring and have the ability to tap into the green spectrum of willpower, one of the seven in the entire emotional spectrum. The Lantern Rings are called the Universe’s most powerful weapon for a reason. The Emotional Spectrum is composed of the colors of green, orange, blue, red, yellow, purple, and indigo representing willpower, avarice, rage, fear, love, and compassion. The energies in question are generated by the range of emotions felt by all life in the universe. There are also two more colors that fall beyond the purview of the Spectrum, the color of White which represents Life and the Colour Black, which symbolizes Death.

 4. Power Cosmic

The Power Cosmic is the result of the primordial energy left after the creation of the Universe post the Big Bang. The energy was then absorbed by certain entities like the Elders of the Universe and Galactus, who would then become Cosmic Gods. Galactus has the power to grant the Power Cosmic to mortal beings. His Heralds possess a portion of Galactus’ power to serve him better. Power Cosmic grants users the ability to look into the past, present, and future. It allows them to travel at speeds greater than light and permanently take away the powers of any superhuman. The Silver Surfer once used the tiny fraction of the Power Cosmic he had been granted to fight Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds. The energy source grants its user absolute control over all aspects of the universal realm.

 5. The Anti-Life Equation

It is not necessarily an energy source. But if we compare its ability to destroy and bend worlds to its will to that of the Force, it comes pretty close. The Anti-Life Equation is actually a mathematical concept. It categorically proves that things like Freedom and Hope are meaningless and pointless. It basically makes whoever listens to the equation to become a slave to Darkseid’s will. The Anti-Life Equation is the anti-thesis of the Life Equation, which is based on the aspects of Freedom and Hope. Darkseid has conquered entire worlds just by using maths as a weapon of mass destruction. That is some pretty scary stuff.

 6. Dark Force

Cosmic Power Sources From Marvel And DC

The Dark Force dimension bears resemblance to The Force from Star Wars in more than one aspect. The Dark Force Dimension is the source of all Dark Magic and gives its user access to psychic and psionic abilities. It is also sentient and can think about its own interest. It constantly searches for sources of light to feed upon. Like The Dark Side of the Force, regular unprotected usage will lead to the user getting corrupted by the Dark Force. Cloak, a prominent Dark Force user, uses it to teleport across vast distances and uses it to enhance his strength. One prominent use of his ability is when he traps people inside the dimension and lets their life force gets literally sucked out of them by the sentient energy dimension.

 7. The Green, the Red, and the Grey

Cosmic Power Sources From Marvel And DC

Like the Force is an energy generated by all sentient living beings in the Galaxy far, far away, the DC Universe also has a similar tenet. The only difference is that they are three different sources of energy that are isolated and apart from each other. The Green is the nexus of all energies emanating from vegetation. It connects all plant life together. Its avatars are Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy, who can control plant life. The Red is the energy generated by all animal life. Animal Man and Vixen tap onto that force. The Grey is the energy generated by the Void of Life. Solomon Grundy has bonded with the powers granted by the Grey. All three of the energy sources are just as powerful as the Force.

 8. The Phoenix Force

A monstrous entity that guards the Multi-Verse, the Phoenix Force is the source of all psychic energy. The Phoenix Force contains within it the spark of creation and destruction. It was designed to create and destroy at a universal scale. One amazing attribute it possesses is that the Phoenix Force can never die. Like the mythical Phoenix, it will always come out alive. Avatars of the Phoenix Force become literal Gods. They can warp reality and destroy entire star systems with a flick of their fingers. The most popular avatar of the Phoenix Force is Jean Grey. There have been others though like Wolverine, Rachel Summers, and Cyclops.

 9. The Gods of Shazam

The Hero Shazam aka Captain Marvel of the DC Universe has access to the literal power of Gods. The Wizard Shazam, the guardian of the Rock of Eternity, made a pact with six mythological deities who will grant a portion of their powers to a mortal champion, turning him into the hero Shazam, the World’s strongest Mortal. Shazam has the strength of Wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the Stamina of Atlas, the Power of Zeus, the Courage of Achilles, and the Speed of Mercury. Shazam is a super powerhouse. He has the energies of not just one Old God but Six different Gods from different Pantheons. He is unstoppable and invincible. Shazam is the only superhero who is said to be on par with Superman, which is saying something.

 10. Spirits of Vengeance

The Ghost Rider is the most popular example of this group. Spirits of Vengeance are avatars of God’s Righteous Fury. They are sent to Earth to protect the innocent and punish the sinners. They hunt both demons and human beings. Since they are an instrument of God’s Wrath, their power is virtually infinite. Johnny Blaze was possessed by Zarathos, an Angel who was corrupted by humanity’s wickedness and turned into a spirit of Vengeance. As Ghost Rider, Blaze had incredible physical attributes. He could fight the Hulk to a standstill when the Jade Giant was in his World Breaker form. He also has the power to control hell-fire and travel across dimensions. His signature ability is the Penance Stare – a power that allows Ghost Rider to absorb the soul of a sinner and burn it from within. There are numerous Spirits of Vengeance in Marvel Comics and all of them are amazing sources of power.

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