Most Disturbing Things About Black Widow That Will Shock You

Disturbing Things About Black Widow:

Our favorite superheroes have a special place reserved in our hearts. They hold an ideal image and we always look up to them as our inspiration. Marvel superhero Black Widow has been one of the most popular superheroes ever since Scarlett Johansson brought her to live in the MCU. We see Black Widow has a badass assassin, clever double agent, and a bold warrior who can combat even against aliens, Gods, and androids. But there is more to this hero than what appears to the eyes. It is almost impossible to penetrate through her secret past and mind. We are here to spill some baffling beans about her.

 1. Her Name On MCU May Be Wrong

The Reason Behind Black Widow Suit

Russians are known to add “off” and “ova” as suffixes to male and female surname, respectively. By this logic, Natasha’s surname should be Romanova. But according to MCU, she is popularly known as Natalia Natasha Alianovna Romanoff.

 2. Killed Her Brother

Natasha was just a kid when her house had caught fire with her family in it. The only survivors were she and her brother. However, Natasha had nobody and was forced to look after herself as her brother had abandoned the family long back. Unable to get past her childhood, she returned to Russia and took vengeance from her brother by killing him.

 3. Brainwashed

Natasha Romanoff was raised by the Russian government who brainwashed her to believe whatever they wanted her to. She spent half her life believing that she was a ballerina whereas, in reality, she was trained to become an assassin. She underwent experiments that caused the brainwashed memories and altered her biological system to never get sick or out of shape. Black Widow’s past is a complicated mystery that is not far from getting unraveled in her upcoming movie.

 4. Literally Ate Spider-Man

Disturbing Things About Black Widow

The real-life arthropods, Spider, and Black Widow have not only influenced the Marvel heroes but also inflicted some peculiar characteristics upon them. In Marvel’s What If? the issue, Black Widow and Spider-Man were married to each other. This romantic pair met with a twist when Natasha devoured over her husband Peter Parker, just like the real-life spiders.

 5. She Also Killed Iron Man’s Butler

Disney MCU

Marvel’s Ultimate comic was held in an alternate universe where the mighty Avengers were roped in shocking scandals. In this issue, Natasha Romanoff was engaged to the billionaire team member Tony Stark. But eventually, she revealed herself the true self as a traitor. She went out of her way to prove her betrayal by shooting Stark’s loyal butler, Jarvis right in front of him.

 6. Her Martial Arts Stronger Than Infinity Stone

Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow has undergone rigorous combat and martial arts training from the best of the best. This came handy to her after getting recruited by the SHIELD which was constantly attacked by powerful entities. One would wonder how these combat skills were of any use for SHIELD that dealt with intergalactic forces. But Black Widow, being a human, retrieved Hawkeye from Mind Stone’s control. She didn’t leave any questions unanswered by breaking the God Loki’s mind control over Clint.

 7. Sacrificing Her Life To Pay For Her Past

Even though Natasha had later become an Avenger, a mighty hero who saved lives and protected the world, she was continuously haunted by the ghosts of her past. She had done more than enough penance by putting her life in danger more than once as a hero but still failed to forgive herself. She was serious about the atrocities of her red ledger. She had the blood of her Red Room best friend in her hands who had failed to perform a task. During her days as an undercover agent, Black Widow assassinated a husband and wife who were secret informants of the USA. Therefore, she felt that sacrificing herself for her second family and the world during the Endgame was her way of clearing the ledger and ending the agony.

 8. She Never Got A Funeral

Disturbing Things About Black Widow

Giving a respectful funeral only to Tony Stark aka Iron Man at the end of Endgame had infuriated Black Widow fans who also sacrificed her life to save the world. People couldn’t have been retrieved from Thanos’ snap had it not been for Black Widow who died for the Soul Stone. Even before the Infinity War, Black Widow was a savior of Earth who spends most of her life as a warrior. It is needless to say that she deserved the tribute.

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