Marvel Hiding Long Forgotten War Between X-Men & Avengers – Who Won That War?

War Between X-Men & Avengers:

In comic books, the most well-known names are Marvel Comics and DC Comics. As of now, Marvel is the more popular amongst the two in the world. With its Marvel Cinematic Universe being the world’s most profitable movie franchise in human history, Marvel Comics has rightfully taken its place on the Iron Throne. In Marvel, the two most popular and powerful superhero teams are the X-Men and the Avengers.

Marvel Revealed a Release Date For X-Men

Both the Avengers and the X-Men have members that can level the planet and destroy the world if need be. But it was only last decade that Marvel Comic came up with the Avengers vs. X-Men story line. But did you know that the mutants and the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have already fought in the comic book universe a long time ago. Here is what Marvel is hiding from you. Presenting – Marvel Hiding Long Forgotten War between X-Men & Avengers – who won that war?

Marvel Revealed a Release Date For X-Men

In an actual fight between the Avengers and the X-Men, finding out the true victor is like finding out the world’s smallest needle in the world’s largest haystack. But that has not stopped the fans from speculating a possible fight between the two teams. Marvel gave us an official answer when they released the Avengers vs. X-Men story line a few couple of years ago. And yet the debate rages on since that arc did not give us a definite winner as well. If the Avengers and the X-Men ever clashed, the battle would be one for the history books. It is a shame that Marvel Comics had not explored this area before Avengers vs. X-Men. Or did they?

War Between X-Men & Avengers

Believe it or not, Marvel Comics has already toyed with the idea of a battle between the mutant superhero team and the Avengers. Chris Bachalo and Mark Millar penned a story arc under the Marvel Ultimate Universe banner way before Avengers vs. X-Men came into the fold. We are talking about a difference of at least ten years. It was also not the most absolute of battles and certainly gives us a vague answer to our prima facie query but it is worth mentioning because of several reasons. It is based on these reasons that die-hard fans already knew the answer to who wins in a fight between the X-Men and the Avengers. And now you too will have the honour of knowing it.

War Between X-Men & Avengers

Avengers vs. X-Men took place in a rather cosmic setting. There was the Phoenix Force that was divided amongst five mutants – Namor, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Colossus, and Magik. Cyclops went rogue and grabbed all the powers for himself from the rest of the Phoenix Five, killed Charles Xavier, and the rest is pretty much well-known history. But the X-Men vs Avengers arc we are talking about, named “The Ultimate War”, is actually way more grounded and down to Earth. When the Tomorrow People story arc comes to an end, Charles Xavier aka Professor X faces the wrath of Magneto. In the Ultimate Universe, Magneto is no longer a freedom fighter and Mutant Rights extremist. He is a megalomaniac who hungers for power and wealth over anything else. As a result, Professor X is forced to wipe his memory.

Magneto is a man of many virtues. But the one thing that defines him most is vengeance. He does not like someone playing with his mind. When Professor X did what he did to him, every reader knew that there will be repercussions. Consequences did come. Magneto soon regained all his memories. After being unfathomably angry at Charles for manipulating him, he decides to take it out on not just Professor X but the entirety of the X-Men. He coordinates a supremely timed attack on Triskelion – the Shield Headquarters, and frames the X-Men for it. Shield is led to believe that the X-Men and the Brotherhood are working together and sends the Ultimates after them.

War Between X-Men & Avengers

The Ultimates are the Ultimate Universe’s version of the Avengers. The X-Men are already in hiding. Things take a turn for the worse when readers realize that Magneto is not done hurting the X-Men. He is tipping off Shield with vital information regarding their movements. Once Shield is given data regarding their current location, which is a safe house right outside Lower East Side Manhattan, all hell breaks loose. The X-Men’s safe house is broken into by the Ultimates and the X-Men begin a fight for their lives. Several highly trained Shield special force teams are already on track to take down Professor X and Marvel Girl with custom made neural disruptors.

And thus the X-Men-Avengers Ultimate War officially begins.

War Between X-Men & Avengers

The battle begins with Iron Man and Thor coming head to head with Storm and Colossus of the X-Men. Iron Man takes on Colossus while the weather manipulating Omega Level Mutant Storm fights Thor. Thor is underestimated by Storm, who is arrogant enough to believe that her lightning can trump Thor’s Mjolnir summoned lightning. On the other hand, Iron Man finds it very difficult to keep Colossus at bay. Colossus easily pushes through everything that Iron Man has to throw at him and overcomes the armoured Avenger via sheer strength and durability alone.

War Between X-Men & Avengers

Beast and Professor X are on the run, with Hawkeye, Black Widow, and two squadrons of Shield Spec Ops hot on their tails. Hawkeye ends up being tricked. What he believes were enemies turn out to be holograms in the Danger Room. Beast takes out the Shield Squadrons easily. While the mutant duo try to escape by air, Black Widow detonates a bomb she had placed in the X-Jet. Professor X and Beast parachute down to safety but not before Iron Man takes them both into custody, mid-air.

Iron Man is caught off guard by Wolverine. The Canadian Animal makes mince-meat out of Tony Stark’s Iron Man armour with his unbreakable adamantium claws. Shadow Cat and Jean Grey (still incapacitated by the neural inhibitors) are pushed to a corner by Shield’s forces. That is when Logan crashes down through the roof, and takes down every soldier in the area like a rabid beast. Thus gives Shadow Cat and Jean Grey enough time to escape. Captain America is whom Wolverine faces next. Since both are old time military pals who have fought each other and are both excellent hand to hand combatants, it looks like the fight is evened out.

War Between X-Men & Avengers

But Captain America uses his tactical martial genius he is known for in the fight, using his past experiences fighting alongside Wolverine to predict what he will do next and when. In the end, Wolverine loses to Captain America.

Colossus invades the scene next. He fights Thor to a standstill. Hawkeye is forced to use a special arrow head with a nuclear charge to take down the mutant steel tank.  Things do not look good for the X-Men until Iceman enters the fray. He uses his powerful ice manipulation powers to create a massive 500 foot ice wave that takes down every Shield soldier and superhero within the building. The X-Men escape but the Ultimates do manage to capture their leader Professor X, thanks to Ultimates member Janet Van Dyne, who is herself a mutant superhero.

War Between X-Men & Avengers

So all in all, even when the X-Men were under-prepared and ill-informed, they put up a good fight against insurmountable odds. The Ultimates, who are basically the Avengers of Earth – 1610, had all the time in the world and all the resources they could ever muster and still lost the fight since most of the X-Men members managed to abscond.  I guess we all know now who won that fight. The X-Men won this round fair and square.

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