10 Incredible Facts About Dragon Ball’s Jiren We Bet You Never Knew

Facts About Dragon Ball’s Jiren:

Making his mark in the Tournament of Power, Jiren quickly became a fan favorite villain amongst Dragon Ball fans. There are still many things fans do not know about him though. It is time they do.

 1. Stronger than a God of Destruction

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The Gods of Destruction are the greatest, most powerful beings in any individual universe. The very mantle of God of Destruction has that particular criterion. The God of Destruction of a universe is given the role of destroying anything that might hamper the growth and development of life in the cosmos. The strongest God of Destruction is Lord Beerus. But there are others too. Champa and Belmod are also powerful beings although they are not nearly as powerful as Beerus. Even within Gods of Destruction, there are beings that are stronger and beings who are weaker. During the Tournament of Power, Belmod – the God of Destruction of Universe 11, states that Jiren’s mortal power is stronger than the weakest God of Destruction. Jiren’s power is so amazing that it astonishes may stronger ranked Gods of Destruction.

 2. His Martial Arts Style was inspired by Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Oriental Martial Art technique that lets the user the opponents’ momentum and turns it against them. Tai Chi requires focus, grace, and the most important concentration. To get all those abilities, you need to train your mind more than your body. Tai Chi users thus meditate a lot. They believe in the power of mind over matter. Jiren also believes in gaining power through sheer meditation. He has shown it in action in the Dragon Ball Super series. Akira Toriyama has him-self confirmed that many of the martial arts we see in Dragon Ball are inspired by real-world martial art techniques. This means that Jiren’s method of fighting his enemies is also something borrowed from the heartlands of Ancient China.

 3. Has a device to shrink criminals

Facts About Dragon Ball’s Jiren

There are so many things that the manga show but the anime adaptation fails to mention. Everybody knows Jiren is a pride trooper. As a Pride Trooper, Jiren has some perks to enjoy for himself. One of those perks is having the authority to carry a device that can shrink people and objects. It was shown only in the Manga. Before Jiren is called to represent Universe 11 in the Tournament of Power, he was trying to catch an escaped criminal. This is where the shrinking device is first seen in action. Jiren reveals that the Pride Troopers use this to shrink criminals and convicts so that they are easier to carry back to headquarters for being imprisoned. We do not know why the anime failed to show this. It could have been such a cool thing to feature.

 4. Is a living Space Ship

Facts About Dragon Ball’s Jiren

Yeah you heard that right!! Gone are the days when simply pushing a bad guy into the deep and cold vacuum of space was enough to kill them. With beings like Frieza and Buu in the fray, the fact has been established that evil antagonists can pretty easily survive in space. Jiren is also one of them. Jiren has the power to breathe and survive in the final frontier. Moreover, Jiren does not even require a rocket ship to travel from one planet to another. He just needs to know the correct direction and then he can use his own momentum to traverse distances that are sometimes light-years away. This was shown to be true in the Dragon Ball Super manga.

 5. One of the fastest beings to ever exist

Goku has trained all his life to become stronger and faster. With each transformation and technique he masters, Goku gains a tremendous boost in strength. Techniques like Kaio-Ken and Super Saiyan Transformations emphasis on speed all the more. And yet, when he saw Jiren in action, Goku could not feel more inferior as a warrior. Jiren proved to be so fast that Goku could not even register his speed with his eyes. By that time, Goku had already unlocked Super Saiyan Blue – the most powerful Super Saiyan form to date. It was only because of Ultra Instinct that Goku managed to keep up.

 6. Popular theory claims Hit could have beaten Jiren

Facts About Dragon Ball’s Jiren

This might be a little controversial. The theory here states that Jiren’s power would not be enough to stop Hit, the legendary assassin from Universe 6. Jiren is so powerful that the entire top tier warriors of Universe 7 had to combine their attacks to try and defeat this guy and they still could not even put a scratch on him. So how could Hit beat this behemoth? The theory says that Hit’s ability to stop and skip time would come handy in a fight against Jiren. Specifically, Hit’s Cage of Time ability could take Jiren down if Hit managed to tag team with someone else to take Jiren down.

 7. Never Transforms

Facts About Dragon Ball’s Jiren

In Dragon Ball, Transformations are like bread and butter. No matter if you are a villain or a hero, you have to transform. That is the Akira Toriyama way. Jiren was the first true supervillain who never actually transformed to showcase his power. In the realm of truly fearsome foes Goku fights on a weekly basis, Jiren holds this absolute distinction most of the other stronger foes of the Z Fighters cannot boast of.

 8. Spirit Bomb does not work on him

Facts About Dragon Ball’s Jiren

Jiren happens to belong to a very niche group of supervillains that have the power to deflect a Spirit Bomb. In short, Goku’s powerful all-destroying Spirit Bomb technique does not work on Jiren. Many Claim that the reason for the Spirit Bomb being ineffective against the Universe 11 warrior is because he has a pure heart. One other being that deflected the Spirit Bomb was Buu, who had a heart of pure evil. While Jiren does not actually have evil in his mind, he does seem very pure-hearted throughout the Dragon Ball Super story arc! Spirit Bomb is Goku’s most powerful offensive technique. Realizing that it does not work on the sole enemy he needs to take down for the safety of an entire universe, the lives of gazillions being at stake must have been quite a shocker for our Saiyan Hero.

 9. Inspired by Buddha

Facts About Dragon Ball’s Jiren

This is yet another fact that has recently come to light. Jiren is a being that meditates every time he gets a chance. He does not use too many physical movements and uses his mind to create all sorts of energy attacks that can be used as a projectile or an energy bomb. Jiren has reached a level of enlightenment never before seen in the history of Dragon Ball. There is also the fact that Jiren looks like a truly other-worldly being. His aura and his charisma scream at others to simply follow him. The only reason Goku could manage to defeat Jiren is that with Ultra Instinct, Goku reached a level of enlightenment that was greater than what Jiren had achieved as of yet.

 10. The Actual Hero of Tournament of Power

Believe it or not, the actual her of the Tournament of Power Storyline is not Goku, Vegeta, or Android 17 – it is Jiren. We mean Universe 7 did end up winning the Tournament and used up the Super Dragon Ball to wish everyone back to life, but the path of a true hero was walked upon by Jiren rather than Goku in the story arc. Jiren actually tick marks everything that must be checked for us to claim this. His back story is way more tragic than Goku or Vegeta’s. Unlike Goku and Vegeta, who train to become stronger for their own selfish reasons, Jiren trains to become more powerful so that none of his friends will ever get hurt again. Jiren never forgets about the safety of his people throughout the course of the Tournament while Goku looks like he is in it just for the adrenaline rush of fighting stronger enemies.

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