Top 5 Naruto Villains Who Died As Heroes

People often get taken over by the Dark Side, but there are very few who come back from that side towards the light. Here’s a list of some such characters from Naruto, who was once evil but died heroes:


Eventually, a student of Jiraiya, who wanted to have peace in the world, after the death of his friend Yahiko, Nagato who falls in despair and is manipulated by Obito and Madara destroys the entire Konoha Village, but after having a war of words with Naruto realizes that there still is hope for peace. With the power of his Rinnegan eyes, he brings back entire Konoha to life, sacrificing himself in the process.

Zabuza and Haku

This duo was the first that gave Team 7 a real taste of the shinobi battle. While Zabuza and Kakashi battled, it is Haku, a shinobi who Naruto recently befriended who takes Kakashi’s killing blow in order to save Zabuza, who then fights off the contractor and his numerous henchmen, who talked trash about Haku, getting mortally wounded himself in the process. Dying, he requests team 7 to bury him beside Haku, so that they can enter the afterlife together.


After seeing Nagato resurrect the whole Konoha village, and the determination in Naruto’s eyes Konan gets back on her quest for peace, which she Nagato and their deceased friend Yahiko initially were on. While trying to save Nagato’s body from Obito, in order to save the Rinnegan from being used by Madara she battles him, who puts her under a Genjutsu and kills her.

Obito Uchiha


This guy was one of the main antagonists of the Shippuden series, he was a guy who believed in friendship above all, wanted to be the Hokage and the one who gave the Sharingan to Kakashi. After the death of Rin, he succumbs to a darker path, with Madara mentoring him. Towards the end though he has a change of heart and fights alongside his former comrade Kakashi and his sensei’s son Naruto, saving all humanity from Madara and Kaguya, sacrificing himself to save Naruto.

Itachi Uchiha

This guy is a hero above all, he could have been the best Hokage. Immensely blessed and talented, Sasuke’s elder brother wiped out his own clan, including his parents in order to save the village from a civil war. Leading a rogue ninja’s life after that. He was never bad, still considered a villain and a traitor Itachi dies at the hands of his brother, who later discovers the truth about him. even in death, Itachi comes as a reanimation and puts an end to Kabuto’s evil deeds saving countless lives.

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