Wonder Woman Just Copied a Classic Avengers Move

Wonder Woman copied a Classic Avengers:

DC and Marvel are butter enemies. That is a well-known fact. Time and again, they are known to take jabs and jibes at each other by referencing each other’s characters or straight out making their characters take a pot-shot at them in their storylines. Sometimes, they even go so far as copying each other’s superheroes and make fun of them by forcing these copycat characters into hilarious situations. But this time things look pretty serious. DC Comics has traded a serious punch to Marvel’s face by making one of their most popular superheroes – Wonder Woman takes a leaf out of a very popular Avenger.

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for DCeased: Unkillables #2 up ahead. Enter at your own risk….

Wonder Woman copied a Classic Avengers

 In the dark parallel universe of deceased, the majority of lies on Earth and beyond have become one big juicy target for the Anti-Life Equation. Many of the Superheroes of the Justice League have fallen to the might of the ALE. When a sentient being is exposed to the ALE, he or she is turned into zombies. Batman was one of the first to fall and later rose up as an undead. The deceased series has been delivering one twist after another and fans are finding it way too hard to look away, scared that they might miss something important. DC has continued the trend by delivering yet another plot twist. This shocking revelation came to light when Vandal Savage leads a group of un-infected villains to a very painful death.

The group of villains led by Savage is having one intense argument. During the fight, one of the villains called Ravager approaches Vandal Savage and tells him that something is coming and they must leave. Ravager has the power of premonition. She can have occasional glances into the future. Vandal Savage asks Ravager what is coming but Ravager is very cryptic in her reply, stating that she does not want to ruin the surprise. Vandal Savage is a proud man. Having lived for more than 53,000 years surviving anything the world could throw at him, he has gone complacent. He believes that there is hardly anything that could surprise him anymore.

He could not be more wrong.

Wonder Woman copied a Classic Avengers

Wonder Woman quickly bursts into the scene. And that is when Ravager’s vision becomes real. Wonder Woman’s eyes are blood red and blood is dripping from her nose and mouth. She is a violent freak with wrinkled, rotten skin like the Anti-Life Equation Infected zombies. The first thing that Wonder Woman does in a fit of rage is ripped Vandal Savage into two. As the other Super-Villains watch in horror, their leader and the only hope are shredded apart right in front of their eyes. Wonder Woman shows a level of ferocity rarely revealed to the fans. Even though a zombie now, she still retains her trademark strength, speed, and agility.

Though that is not the first time the Body Ripping move has been enacted in the comic books. Marvel Comics has already done it back in 2004. Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch worked on the New Avengers series. Their storyline once involved a prison breakout scene in the superhuman containment facility called the Raft. Carnage is one of the supervillains the superheroes find hard to defeat. Luke Cage and Spider-Woman are overwhelmed by the symbiotic super-villain who is very quick on his feet and extremely agile. That is when the Sentry appears, catches Carnage by the neck and takes him to outer space, where Sentry literally rips his body into two on the upper exosphere of Earth, letting Carnage’s two halves of a corpse float away from each other into deep space.

Sentry has even done it one more time. This is not a chance fluke that we are trying to point out. Sentry’s signature move is ripping people apart – literally. During the 2009 Siege event, Sentry fought the Greek God of War Ares. Ares was proving to be too much of a nuisance so Sentry did what he does best. He grabbed Ares and ripped him into two. Wonder Woman just copied the Sentry’s move, albeit in a much bloodier and grittier manner.

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