DC Just Gave Wonder Woman’s Strongest Weapon Its Most Powerful Upgrade Ever!!!

With an entire ancient nation to provide her with the necessary resources to upkeep her crime fighting career, it is not a wonder that Wonder Woman has so many gadgets and equipment to make even Bruce Wayne jealous. She is part of the Holy Trinity of DC Comics. But unlike Batman who has had to make most of his equipment via his own money and resources, Wonder Woman was blessed with the know-how of Olympus and Themyscira, who went above and beyond to give her the latest in Greek Technology. And they have just upgraded her most iconic piece of equipment, to make it one of the best in her arsenal!! Presenting – DC just gave Wonder Woman’s strongest weapon its most Powerful Upgrade ever!!!

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Wonder Woman #745 by Pat Brosseau, Gleb Melnikov, Steve Orlando, and Romula Fajardo Junior. Enter at your own risk….

We all know Wonder Woman can fly. In fact, she is one of the fastest superheroes once she is airborne. But she also has other means to travel, something she uses seldom but whenever she does end up using it, it steals the show. Yes, we are talking about Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet.

Wonder Woman’s Strongest Weapon

In the 745th issue of Wonder Woman, we see Wonder Woman transporting Maxima into space. But her Invisible Jet is not equipped for space travel. That is not a problem for Wonder Woman though. She just commands it to upgrade itself and lo and behold – the Invisible Jet transforms into a hyper speed capable space plane!! Now that is a really cool ability we did not know the Invisible Jet had. We have to give it a closer inspection.

The invisible Jet has a magical enchantment over it, placed on it by the Tinkerers of Themysicra. This enchantment allowed Wonder Woman to easily control the Invisible Jet and the Jet would respond to her every command. We did not know that this enchantment also allowed Wonder Woman to turn her Invisible Jet into a freaking Transformer!!!

The level of adaptability and malleability the jet has shown has only been seen in one other weapon – the Green Lantern Power Ring. They too can make things out of thin air and turn the impossible into possible, earning them the title of being the most powerful weapon in the universe. The only thing that is required by a Green Lantern to unlock a Power Ring’s full potential is his or her will power. If the Invisible Jet also has a similar ability, this changes things for the DC universe in a way we could never imagine.

Wonder Woman’s Strongest Weapon

Imagine the amount of weaponry the Invisible Jet could produce if given the command by Wonder Woman. Within seconds, it transformed from an airborne plane to a space ship. If Wonder Woman asked it so, the Invisible Jet could generate enough firepower to level a whole city or an entire continent if need be. We thought only Cyborg had that ability on the go. The invisible Jet has enough within its sleeve to make not just Batman but also Green Lantern and Cyborg jealous to the core.

Wonder Woman’s Strongest Weapon

So the next time you see Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet, bow down in respect because that thing is probably one of the most powerful weapons wielded by a superhero and a member of the Justice League. We wonder why they did not reveal this feature about the Invisible Jet sooner. It is such an incredible ability to have. Wonder Woman could have used it many times in the past.

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