World’s Weirdest Manga with World’s Craziest Fight: One Punch Man vs. God

One Punch Man vs God:

One Punch Man started out as a parody of all the action anime in the Japanese Anime Industry. With so many Shonen Jump works that were out there, the entire space was getting crowded. Overpowered lead protagonists had become the norm. One Punch Man became a clarion call for the section of Manga Artists who wanted to call out on this mass commercialization of the Shonen anime, which had led to stereotyping of the lead characters of flagship franchises.

As the name suggests, One Punch Man defeats every enemy with just one punch regardless of the opponents’ power levels. But after fighting so many battles and getting bored, a new Manga pitches One punch Man against God himself. Does he win this one too??

Now before we begin, we must warn you that this is non-canonical work. The creator of one Punch Man, Yusuke Murata, does not endorse this manga in any way since it is created by a fan with an avid interest in creating fan fiction. Madhouse Studios, which created the One Punchy Man anime, is also not responsible for this creation, which some would say is a blasphemous act, an abomination. So we suggest you guys take it easy and not get into the nitty-gritties of controversy with this one.

One Punch Man vs God

In the Manga One-Punch Man: The Fight of the Gods, the premise is that ‘God’ is angry at the way the Universe, which he considers to be his creation turned out to be. In particular, he is not happy with the humans, who were supposed to be his greatest creation.  In the Manga created by Cminglap, a popular Hong Kong-based artist and writer, the story is how Saitama faces off against a being just called God. The battle shakes the Universe while the two end up revealing their true strengths in battle in a grand cosmic arena.

The Manga created by Cminglap became so popular that six parts of the non-canon series have already been translated into the English Language format. There are also several YouTube videos and commentaries on the proceedings of the series.

The introductory scene itself is enough to keep you at the edge of your seats when you start reading it. Genos is on his way to receive further upgrades from Doctor Kuseno, who has moved heaven and earth to ensure Genos’ new body is able to keep up with Saitama’s. On the other hand, Garou has taken his humiliating defeat at the hands of Saitama aka the One Punch Man to heart. He has returned to training with Bang, his Sensei who is ready to teach him and help him unlock new secrets of a secret technique he has developed but never taught him. Saitama being Saitama is seen plucking his ear hair and playing video games, completely dedicating his time to beating King in his (no pun intended) own game.

One Punch Man vs God

Saitama and Genos are on the verge of exploring a new RPG game that Saitama has bought for them to play. As they are about to start, a new superhuman appears, crashing their party. An explosion rocks the city and sends shockwaves that are felt by Saitama and Genos, who were inside the apartment at that time. Cheetah Girl, an original canon character from the One Punch Man series by Yusuke Murata appears. That is when all hell breaks loose.

One Punch Man vs God

Many do not know this but Cheetah Girl is not from Earth. She is actually an alien hailing from the Planet Lieba. The feline warrior princess and her allies fought and failed to protect their home planet from the wrath and rampage of a being simply called God. This being has appeared in the official Web Comic and Manga series but we have only seen him in a very few instances. God is supposedly the one that gives the Homeless Emperor his powers. God, according to Cheetah Girl, is someone who was exposed to black hole radiation and has gained enormous superhuman powers that make him his namesake. There is more than one God with each hailing from the Multi-Verse. Moreover, it is revealed that overexposure to Black Hole radiation did not just give God superpowers but also drove the guy insane.

One Punch Man vs God

God is a towering humanoid with no face and skin that resembles that of an undead zombie. He is ready to turn Earth into a wasteland, the same as what he did for Planet Lieba. Cheetah Girl is assured by One Punch Man that God will no longer be a problem since he is there to stop him. With One Punch Man’s incredible strength, it will be a piece of cake for him to stop the Warrior from the Multi-Verse with the powers of a Black Hole! Or is it?

The first barrage of attacks comes not from Saitama but from Garou. He uses the new technique he learned from Bang who taught him secrets of the Flowing Water Smashing Rock Fist on God. God is easily able to dodge those attacks. Genos uses his newest upgraded incinerator cannon at full power. He too is unable to even put a scratch on God. To everyone’s horror, God is able to slap Saitama so hard that he crashes onto a mountainside, but not before punching God so hard that it creates a crater on the Earth’s surface.

God turns his attention to Garou and is able to sense that Garou is on a path to attain the Ultimate Power. God reveals that he would happily give it to him if he switches side. God even reveals that many villains before him tried to master God’s gifts but failed but he believes Garou has what it takes to survive the ordeal and become a godly being himself. Gaoru refuses and this enrages God, who smashes both Garou and Cheetah Girl away in a fit of rage.

Saitama pulls himself together, only to realize that because of God, he wasn’t able to save his Level 80 character in the RPG game he bought to play with. Visibly angry, Saitama tries to fight God with some,” Serious” attacks. God is frustrated at how a three dimensional individual like him is able to fight a multi-dimensional entity like God on an equal footing. God uses his powers to wipe out all organic matter on Earth, with the Manga showing scenes that look eerily similar to the ending scene of Avengers: Infinity War.

Only Garou and Cheetah Girl are able to survive the ‘God Snap’. Their attacks are useless against God. It is only when Saitama punches him so hard that God is launched into space that things get serious. God is able to whisk Saitama away into another dimension where time runs very slowly. Saitama had pocketed a dimensional stone from Cheetah Girl before that happened. The stone can open portals and allow Saitama to teleport between dimensions. So he knows he has a way to get back to Earth.

In the new Dimension which is actually God’s home realm, time moves backward, Saitama is seen re-growing his hair and becoming his younger self. Somehow the dimension reminds him of simpler times when he used to play Tetris with King, who is still the reigning champion. Saitama is able to use his signature speed and strength to literally destroy God’s dimension and rip him to shreds. He then uses that same speed to defy the laws of physics and exceed the speed of light. In combination with the dimensional stone, he has somehow returned back to Earth.

The Manga ends there itself. We do not know if Gods’ death means that his actions to wipe out all life on Earth have been undone. We hope it did happen that way though. We will know for sure when #7 of the popular Manga Part is released! It will take a little bit of time since the artist Cminglap has expressed he is experiencing burnout and would take some time off. Nevertheless, it is an amazing read!!

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