10 Incredible Facts About Weapon H – Marvel’s Hulk-Wolverine Hybrid!!

While we love our superheroes, sometimes we wish they could be something more. Batman essentially has no superpowers but Superman has tons. Batman can strategize but Superman is mostly the brawn. Iron Man is a great inventor but he is not good with personal relationships. Captain America is a great fighter but he is not a genius.

A similar conundrum exists between the Hulk and Wolverine. While Hulk has the muscle, Wolverine has the claws. They have gone toe to toe several times in the past. But what if the Wolverine and Hulk could be put together to form an all-new hybrid superhero?!?!

Have you ever imagined what will happen if we combine the two deadliest superheroes on the big screen into a single entity? Just visualize them together onscreen in live action or another form. Most people want to see the two fight to the death, a section of the fans wants them to team up against a larger threat while there are some who want to see a hybrid version of Wolverine and Hulk or “Hulkverine” similar to recent Weapons of Mutant Destruction storyline.

Presenting 10 Incredibly insane facts about Weapon H – Marvel’s new Hulk-Wolverine Hybrid….

Not a Mindless Weapon

Weapon H

Wolverine never truly becomes a weapon under William Stryker’s command because his neurological functions were suppressed as Weapon X. So he broke free when he realized he was being controlled. Weapon H was created by Dr. Alba with a slight change; he was given more autonomy while performing his missions. But the catch is he only has the illusion of free will. Dr. Alba still controls his actions on a subconscious level.

He is not the only one

Weapon H

The Wolverine and the Hulk are one of a kind. But Weapon H has an army of similar sized brethren. Dr. Alba had several test subjects. While most of them joined Stryker, Clayton decided not to. He even had an altercation with one of his own brothers and the Hulk. Clayton beheaded the former and defeated the latter with ease.

Weapons Expert

Weapon H

While his superhuman form is a force to be reckoned with, Clayton’ expertise with weaponry should not be taken lightly. Clayton is one of the deadliest experts in firearms and can take out multiple foes single-handedly. Just imagine the damage he could do with his claws and strength with a big ass gun stacked to his back.

He can change at will

Weapon H

One of the defining traits of both the Wolverine and the Hulk is that when their rage takes over, they can’t even control their own actions. Weapon H is different. He has complete control over his powers, allowing him to transform at will. This gives him an added advantage in battle and makes him a more effective weapon.

Adamantium Skeleton

Weapon H

The Hulk had superfast healing ever since he became the Hulk. The Wolverine only became the guy who never needs a band-aid after the Weapon X program embedded Adamantium into his bones. But if Weapon H is a hybrid of the Hulk and the Wolverine, why does he need the Adamantium skeleton? Won’t Hulk’s healing factor alone do the trick? Or does the Metal skeleton make Weapon H heal twice as fast as his predecessors??

He is not just made of Wolverine and Hulk

Weapon H

If you think Weapon H is just a combination of Logan and Bruce Banner, you are dead wrong. In order to stabilize the bonding process, several different DNA samples were added to the pool. The result ended up giving Clayton the Weapon H powers along with multiple others as of yet undisclosed abilities. We still don’t know who else’s DNA was used in the Weapon H program apart from Wolverine and Hulk’s.

Planet Hulk Returns

Weapon H

Marvel Comics’ ‘Weapons of Mutant Destruction’ was one of the greatest Hulk issues in recent years. It was even more noteworthy for one simple fact – the creator of the critically acclaimed ‘Planet Hulk’, Greg Pak was in it. Marvel wanted to show Weapon H to be shown in a fascinating way so that they could milk him further. Greg Pak was the right choice. Weapon H is a deadly hybrid mutant that gives the creature Wolverine adamantium claws and Hulk’s body.

In Weapons of Mutant Destruction storyline, this insanely dangerous creature made its debut and it was created by none other than William Stryker. Hulkverine was designed for a single mission i.e to destroy the entire mutant race, much like Sentinels in X-Men: Days of the Future Past. In comics, it’s the Amadeus Cho version while in the MCU it is the Bruce Banner version that separates comics (niche) from the cinematic universe (mainstream).

He was discharged from the Military for Altruism

Weapon H

 The man who would later on become Weapon H had a past so dark it probably still haunts him in his nightmares even after getting superpowers. Like Wolverine, Clayton was also a part of a covert military team that carried out shady missions out of the country. But one day, when his team is sent to kill a bunch of innocent civilians, Clayton finally snaps and kills his friends in retaliation. He is later discharged from service.

He was hunted by Sabretooth, X-23 and Old Man Logan

Weapon H

After news of the Weapon H program and the test subject fleeing the premises spread, Sabretooth and Old Man Logan formed an uneasy alliance to capture him before he caused any more trouble. They were later joined by X-23, the All-New Wolverine. Weapon H put up a fight greater than anyone had hoped for. The trio was soundly defeated and Old Man Logan decided to follow Weapon H, just in case the monster loses his cool and hurts anyone.

Took orders through the ears (Literally)

Weapon H

After Weapon H fled his captors, his creator Dr. Alba eventually found him and leaned on to his ear as if to whisper something. In reality, she was only getting closer to Weapon H to inject him with a special drug into his ear using her tongue. The drug made Weapon H an angry tool completely under Alba’s control. Even still, Clayton managed to wrest some control of his body from her. That entire mental struggle was for naught as the two Wolverines and Sabretooth still took him for an enemy to be dealt with immediately.

The Hulk and Wolverine have been tied to each other several times in the past, for instance, Hulk vs Wolverine animated movie 2009. But unfortunately, no matter how cool it looks or sounds, it will never happen as even if Marvel Studios and Fox could come together post-Disney-Fox deal, there is Universal which party owns Hulk. So it remains a pipe dream. Most of the dream projects can’t move forward as studios are engaged in a bitter war for market share in a fiercely competitive industry. In fact, Mark Ruffalo blamed Universal and said that they don’t want to play with Marvel, hence there will not be another Hulk solo movie. Here is what he said:

“I just want to make one thing perfectly clear today that a standalone Hulk movie will never happen. Because Universal has the rights to the standalone Hulk movie and for some reason, they don’t know how to play well with Marvel, and they don’t want to make money.”

But hopefully, things will change for the better in the coming years.

The famous online artist BossLogic took to Twitter and demonstrated to the fans of what it may look like in a Marvel/Fox movie, and it’s pretty awesome. Do check out his twitter page as its just amazing piece of work. This guy does some really amazing stuff with comics on a regular basis. For instance, he makes cool drawings on fans casting or rumors or controversies but once in a while he just blow it out of the water such as this time. Maybe this is what will motivate the decision makers to bury their differences, listen to the fans’ demands and rise to the occasion to make an effort in bringing these projects alive onscreen. #Hulkverine

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