5 Theories We Have After Love And Thunder Trailer

Another trailer for Love And Thunder came out yesterday and it almost blew our socks off. The trailer contained some of the funniest moments we have seen in Marvel for a long time. It has that signature Taika Waititi charm which has once again been paired with an improvised script that worked so well for Thor: Ragnarok. But other than being extremely funny, the trailer also does a good job of setting up what’s coming next. Here are 5 theories we have after the Love And Thunder trailer. Take a look and let us know if you agree with our analysis down in the comments.

Gorr Killed A Celestial

The trailer not only gives us a better look at Jane Foster’s The Mighty Thor but we also got our first official look at Christian Bale’s Gorr The God Killer. This character seems to have his crazy turned up to 11, which can be a good thing for a villain. We got chills when he mentions the fact that Thor is not like the other Gods he has killed before. So it made us think that Gorr might start the movie with some God murder. But who will he kill? Well, we propose that Gorr will behead a celestial since he has the all-black necrosword and Knull is not a character who can appear in the MCU unless Sony signs off on it.


Rune King Thor

Superhero Fight King Thor vs Loki
Superhero Fight King Thor vs Loki

With Jane Foster picking up The Mjolnir and transforming into The Mighty Thor, we think that the next stage of Thor’s evolution is also at the gates. What we mean by that is that Thor will now pass the baton of being a warrior to Jane and he will take up other important duties such as being the all-father of his realm and all the realms under his control. He will do this by becoming Rune King Thor by the end of the movie or by taking control of the Odinforce or both.



Jane Foster Thor

Several monsters can be seen throughout the entire trailer. Taika Waititi has previously commented that he wants to create a live-action Marvel movie that closely resembles The Mighty Thor’s comic story. If we are to take that at face value then we can determine that Mangog might make an appearance by the end of the movie. Mangog is a monster born of all the malice and bad thoughts and lamentation against Asgard as a whole. The Mighty Thor gave her life in the comics to stop the rampage of this monster.


Guardians Are The BackUp

Theories we have after Love And Thunder trailer

We don’t expect the fight against Gorr to be easy. For that matter, there is a good chance that both Jane and Thor will lose to The God Killer in separate battles. This will be done in the movie to create tension and rile us up for the finale. We expect to see the Guardians return near the tail end of the movie to provide backup to Thor and the team in the fight against Gorr. They will be a deus ex machina in a battle between actual Gods, what a clever play by Watitit that would be if it turns out to be true.


Zeus And The Olympians

We can see snippets of Olympus in the trailer. Russell Crowe’s Zeus also makes an appearance. But we think that Olympus will be more than a pretty location in the movie. We expect to see a serious battle between Gorr and some of the Olympians leading to a climactic exchange at the end of the movie. It is not known whether the Olympians will be our allies or not, we expect they will be a little bit of both. Hence, these were the 5 theories we have after Love and Thunder trailer.


Let us know what you think about this down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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