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    New Wonder Woman 1984 Footage Might Have Teased Zeus

    Wonder Woman 1984 Footage Teased Zeus If WB would have been following their original release schedule, then Wonder Woman 1984 would have come out tomorrow (November 1). But they thought to delay the release of the film to give the creatives more breathing room so they could deliver a worthy sequel to the first film. We haven’t even got the…

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    Thanos vs Odin: Can The King of Asgard Take Down The Mad Titan?

    Thanos vs Odin: Who will win? This is a battle that cannot take place on the big screen since Odin is dead, and Thanos has not even arrived, but if we were to imagine that who among the two will be the ultimate winner in a catastrophic battle against these two, then the answer would be quite tricky. So here’s…

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