8 Amazing Things About Gorr That Only Hardcore Fans know

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get a burst of gore and realism with Love And Thunder. Waititi is about to deliver us another absurd presentation with Love And Thunder and the main attraction will undoubtedly be Gorr the God Killer. This new creature will be a massive threat to the peace of the universe and it will be up to Thor and Mighty Thor to defeat him. But who is Gorr? What do we know about him? How much truth is there to his hype? Let’s find out. Here are 8 amazing things about Gorr that only hardcore comic fans will know. Take a look and let us know if we missed any.

Not The Only God Killer

Although Gorr carries the moniker “God-killer” in the new moniker, he is not the only one to have killed Gods in the Marvel multiverse. Desak Destroyer of Gods, the alien race known as the Uncreated, the creature Mangog, the Gorgon, the Inheritors, and the Japanese god of death Amatsu-Mikaboshi have all killed Gods before in the comics. The creature Mangog was also the one who ended the reign of the Mighty Thor in the comics. Maybe none of them exists in the MCU and hence Gorr is called the God killer as a way to create hype.


Gorr’s Origins

Gorr is the product of the world he lived in. He was born on a barren planet. There was nothing to sustain him or his family. Gorr witnessed as his parents succumbed to starvation, yet his clan still prayed to the Gods. Gorr never understood this dedication and faith as a child and always felt puzzled in the wake of prayers. This was the start of his hatred of the Gods and the creation of his persona as the God Killer.


The Renunciation of The Gods

The tragedy of Gorr’s origins does not end here. Eventually, he grew up and married Arra. Gorr and Arra were happy for a while. They even had a number of children. But as previously mentioned Gorr is from a barren planet. His children and wife suffered the same fate as that of his parents and Gorr’s fury knew no end. He decided to renounce the Gods and was very vocal about this with his clan. This led to him being exiled from his community which added fuel to the fire of his anger.


The Necrosword

Gorr wields the Necrosword, which is also known as All-black. This legendary blade was forged by Knull, the God of the symbiote. It is also known as the first symbiote. Although we don’t know whether the sword will retain its origin in the movies, it is confirmed that Gorr will also wield the sword in Love And Thunder. Maybe he will also have the ancillary powers that the sword blessed him with, in the comics. We shall find out when the movie comes out.


He Was Almost Thor-killer

Amazing things about Gorr

Gorr first arrived on the Earth in the 9th century. Here he found Thor and proceeded to battle him. Now, this was Thor before his Marvel comic adventures so he is not powered up. Gorr takes advantage of his naivety and defeats him outright. The God of Thunder is at the mercy of the God-killer. But eventually, Thor is able to overpower Gorr and succeeds in cutting off his arm. It is expected that the same thing might happen in the movie. Only here Thor might be saved by Valkyrie or The Warriors three if the first encounter takes place in a flashback.


Gorr’s Army

Gorr also commands an army by the grace of the Necrosword. The sword gives him the power to summon berserkers, black creatures who are very hard to kill and lethal in hand-to-hand combat. These berserkers seem very similar to the symbiotes which were controlled by Knull at one point. Maybe the Necrosword remembers that power and tries to emulate it through Gorr. If this army shows up in Love and Thunder we can also assume that the symbiote God Knull might show up soon in the MCU.


Shadrak and The God Bomb

Every supervillain needs a weapon of mass destruction. You would think that Gorr has the Necrosword and that is enough. But in reality, Gorr also has The God Bomb made by the God of bombs. Shadrak is an ancient creature who enabled Gorr to assemble the God bomb over a period of 400 years. This massive weapon is capable of laying waste to the entirety of creation depending on where it is detonated. We might also get to see them in the MCU soon.

Did you already know about these amazing things about Gorr? Which part do you like the most? Share it with us in the comments.


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