10 Marvel Superheroes Who Can Defeat Deadpool In A Fight

Deadpool and crazy go hand in hand. And it’s this crazy that has given him a huge fan base, not only for his irreverent sense of humor but the way he continues to break all the rules and regulation and leave everyone guessing what he is going to do next. He is ridiculously tough, and his regenerative abilities make it almost impossible to beat him, but nothing is impossible. Here are top ten Marvel superheroes who can defeat Deadpool in a fight.

1) Thor

thor-3-ragnarok-chris-hemsworth-1 Deadpool

Thor is one of the most popular and strongest members of the Avengers. Deadpool is a Mutant, but he is a human. Whereas Thor is an ancient god with the power to destroy planets. Moreover, Thor’s weapons include a powerful hammer Mjolnir or an ancient ax Stormbreaker; both made from the same stuff will destroy Wade’s swords in an instant and bring him to kneel. Surely, Deadpool will play few tricks but at the end of the day, God is above all.

2) Hulk


Hulk has beaten many superheroes with his trademark technique “Smash.” He can’t survive this technique as it is proven in Deadpool # 39 when Hulk smashes Deadpool into a pile of rubble. Hulk can take down Colossus as well as Juggernaut; Deadpool is just a puny God in front of him. Also, Hulk has given a tough fight to Thor so ideally Merc with a Mouth shouldn’t even try to fuck with the Green guy.

3) Carnage


Carnage is a serial killer who turned into an alien monster. He can slice up his opponents with his various tendrils, and in Deadpool vs Carnage #3, that’s exactly what he does. Carnage is one notch above Venom who is this unstoppable monster. He can literally absorb powers of his enemies and fights ruthlessly until the very end. That’s the reason why a lot of times, Venom and Spiderman teamed up to take him down. Deadpool alone ain’t a worthy competitor in the face of Carnage.

4) Black Panther


Many of the Marvel fans don’t know much about Black Panther, as he is a newcomer to the MCU, but comic book fans know how much powerful he is. Black Panther knows multiple forms of martial arts and incorporates hybrid fighting style which will take Deadpool by surprise. Black Panther can knock him down in a one to one fight as he is way superior in hand to hand combat.

On one hand, Deadpool is a product of Weapon X program that turned him into a one-man killing machine but Black Panther is much more than a bad ass fighter. He is a brilliant strategist and also known as ‘King of the Dead’ as all the knowledge and powers of previous Wakandan ancestors are transferred to him.

5) Wolverine


He has beaten Wolverine several times, but Wolverine has returned the favor. His adamantium skeleton and razor-sharp claws are his biggest weapons. His regenerative ability is only slightly less powerful than Deadpool’s. But if Wolverine demonstrates his ‘Berserker rage’ than Deadpool doesn’t stand a chance as he fights with total disregard to moral consequences.

6) Phoenix Force


Phoenix Force is the combination of all psionic energy that ever existed in this universe. When she melded with Jean Grey, she nearly destroyed everything she cared about. Deadpool has the ability to regenerate but he can’t come back if erased from existence. She becomes so powerful that she can hold entire timelines in her hands and commit atrocities of epic proportions while Deadpool is running for his life in Dopinder’s car.

7) Doctor Strange

superheroes who can defeat deadpool

Doctor Strange first appeared in Strange Tales #110 in 1963. He turned into a sorcerer from a surgeon. This may sound out of the league, but sorcerers are known for their magical expertise. On the other side, Merc with the Mouth has guns, swords, and strong healing power, but it seems hard to dominate someone who can literally be anywhere at any point in time. His magical spells are powered by an Infinity stone aka Eye of Agamotto and other mystical entities. He can use his spells to lay mind traps that will cripple Deadpool in an instant.

8) Spider-Man

The Merc with the Mouth has teamed with several iconic characters like Wolverine and Spider-Man undoubtedly makes it to the team-up list. In comic-world, Spideypool is a phenomenon where Spiderman and Deadpool hang together, take down bad guys and troll fellow superheroes & villains. In recent comics, they took down the most fearful villain of all time – Dormammu.

In another, they switched their identities to take down the Chameleon, but he got away, Deadpool (in Spiderman outfit) chased him and foiled his plot by feeding mices to his giant snake army. In Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, Spider-Man and Deadpool get into an imaginative dream fight. Though it was not lethal, but Spidey won the game.

9) Squirrel Girl

Deadpool has lost several fights for always telling jokes and not concentrating on his fights and that’s the same case with Squirrel Girl. Confused by her appearance and the name she has, Deadpool falls for her furry tail. He thought that Squirrel Girl was one of the registered members of Superhero Registration Act, but she proves it wrong with one punch. Well, it seems that nobody is powerful enough to stand in front of Squirrel Girl. In fact, once she took down Mad Titan ‘Thanos’ as well, so perhaps Avengers should call her and take few tips. She has abilities to shoot lasers from eyes, teleport at the drop of a hat and even destroy life across space & time at will.

She is literally considered to be the female equivalent of Deadpool in the Marvel comics. She is a symbol of positivity and joy in the comic-book universe which is otherwise dark and brooding. Recently, the popular actress Anne Kendrick triggered a speculation that maybe she is playing Squirrel Girl and soon to be introduced into the MCU when she said: “My brother sent me a Squirrel Girl comic because he thinks I should play her. I don’t know what Squirrel Girl does other than be half squirrel, but I could be half squirrel!”

10) Colossus

Deadpool is known to be a member of X-Men group in comics although in Deadpool 2 he is not legit X-Man but a trainee. The 2016’s ‘Deadpool’ movie introduced to lesser-known X-Men, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus. In one of the scenes, Deadpool tries to mess with Colossus where the metal human character does not drag an inch after being hit by Deadpool, who ends up breaking his leg and hand.

In the Deadpool sequel, when the kid escaped the prison, he didn’t come out alone but Juggernaut was triggered and joined his cause. Deadpool tried to contain him, but he literally split him into two pieces. In the next encounter, Colossus had to intervene to take him on and he kicked his ass this time. This shows how powerful Colossus can be and if he wants he can beat the shit out of Deadpool too. But in the movie version, he probably won’t because he is his closest friend and an ally.

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Deadpool 2 is playing in theatres at the moment and has taken the world by storm. The movie has already earned over $400 million worldwide and is going strong. It zoomed past Avengers Infinity War and reached to the No. 1 spot, although it could not break the domestic box office record of the first Deadpool film.

Here’s the official movie synopsis:

“After surviving a near-fatal bovine attack, a disfigured cafeteria chef (Wade Wilson) struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming Mayberry’s hottest bartender while also learning to cope with his lost sense of taste. Searching to regain his spice for life, as well as a flux capacitor, Wade must battle ninjas, the yakuza, and a pack of sexually aggressive canines, as he journeys around the world to discover the importance of family, friendship, and flavor – finding a new taste for adventure and earning the coveted coffee mug title of World’s Best Lover.”

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