15 Mind-Boggling Movies/TV Shows You Had No Idea Were Based on Real-Life Events

Every time when a movie state BASED ON REAL EVENTS, it raises our brows like anything and the interest level hikes up to level 101. Although it seems super adventurous in movies, it is kind of really horrifying and bizarre in real life. There is no doubt about it that even after coming so far in matters of literacy and technology, the hunger of this generation for supernatural and unidentified spottings is still on. With different people having different opinions on it, there is only one question that brings silence to the room, “what was it ?”

When there are no answers to what and how it happened and when the objects seem cliche, the curiosity and fears strike in. Luckily, we are having a bucket full of movies that have been inspired by the real world mysteries.

Here we go. Sit back and enjoy.


Driving back to the year 1950, on September 26th in Philadelphia, two officers on duty reported having seen an unidentifiable mysterious object floating from the sky and dropping onto the earth. As they drove closer to analyze what it really was, their mouths were shut in an awkward response. They claimed it as a ‘purplish crystal jelly-like substance’ almost of human size. One officer when tried to touch and take a hold of a part of it, he claimed it as an odorless misty subject that was sticky on rubbing. Eventually, the object dissolved into the ground leaving no sign of it after the span of 20-25 minutes it spent on earth. Other officials including FBI were called to the site but they arrived to witness nothing as the object had disappeared by then.

Although no other object like it was ever seen again, the same officers continued to claim to have seen and felt it back then.

The object gathered the headlines but no one knew what to make out of it eventually and therefore the news was suppressed.

The 1988 horror film ‘the blob’ is based on the same real event.

But what did the officers actually see?

Still a question.


In the times of 20th century, the Johannesburg city of South Africa was hampered in the terms of racial segregation by the apartheid government. In 1966, it officially declared District 6 as the ‘whites-only’ area which was earlier a cosmopolitan city with different casts and races of people residing in. To more horror, in 1982, approximately 60,000 people were relocated to the cape flats. Although there was no alien invasion in Johannesburg and no city was formed for their residence in real, District 9 is based on the disputes of the apartheid era depicting a group of aliens visiting earth and eventually getting a city i.e District 9 to reside in.


In 1997, in the area of Phoenix, Arizona a series of lights roamed in the sky. These bands of lights that were one in number initially, later multiplied upto seven and motioned as if coming from a ship. Many people witnessed the unexplained incident and some stated it as the ‘end-of-the-days’. Out of all the people who witnessed the lights, Dr. Lynne Kitae was the highlighted one who later published a book on lights in 2017. Another man, Kurt Rusell, a pilot by profession, was flying a plane above those lights when they appeared and landed somewhere in the Phoenix and further disappearing like it never happened. There are no answers to what it was to this date.

The 2017 Justin Barber movie PHOENIX FORGOTTEN is based on this queer incident.


Aurora, Texas is a beautiful city in the US that claims to have a burial site of the dead body of an alien who couldn’t survive when his airship crashed in Aurora in 1897. A local doctor who tried to save the alien specie but couldn’t save him, later buried his body. Although there are no exact records of where the body was buried, it is believed to be in Aurora Cemetery. But there is no sign of a tombstone and some say that it was stolen years later and was never found again. But the research is on for the tombstone and for the remaining parts of the airship that crashed down. A few different metal pieces have been found and kept for study. In 1986, the movie AURORA ENCOUNTER was released that is inspired from this real life event.


On one fine evening of 5th November 1975 in Turkey springs, Arizona, Travis Walton was returning to home along with his 5 co-workers when a bright light took all of Walton’s attention. They decided to drive closer to the light in order to know if it was a fire or a plane crash. They were left awestruck as they drove closer. A huge object flying 20 feet above the ground was emitting those yellow rays. They got off the truck and went more closer only to know that it was probably a spaceship. Walton made a decision of examining the craft more closely and went underneath its yellow rays. The craft started to wobble and made strange noises and suddenly Walton was hit by huge blue green rays. The other men ran off suspecting that Walton was killed. 5 days later Walton called his brother from a phone booth. It was discovered later that the blue green ray had paralyzed his limbs and this incident still haunts him. He has written a book of the same name and states that ‘it was the most awesome, incredible sight we had seen in our entire lives’.

The 1993 movie of the same name is based on this real life bizarre event.


One of the most inexplicable chapter of the world war 2 dates back to the early morning of Los Angeles on February 25th, 1942 when the city landed into a strange panicky situation. Sirens were raided as an object not exactly an aircraft was spotted in the sky. Approximately 1,500 ammo were fired, 3 civilians died in the car crash because of the chaos and 2 people underwent heart attacks because of the panicked scenario. As the firing was stopped and the sky was clear of the smoke, no sign or evidence of an enemy attack was found. This weird encounter still remains unexplainable to what it really was. This is the BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES that the movie depicts.


When it was the time for the Christmas bells to ring, West Virginia was hit by an unaccountable tragedy that infact took away 46 lives. On December 15th, 1967, the Silver Bridge that used to connect West Virginia to Ohio, collapsed unexplainably killing people. More strange was the reason for the collapse. People stated to have seen a human sized bird-like-something that came flying off a distance usually regarded as the Mothman and said that it was probably responsible for the massive loss. Other reasons included the faulty construction of the bridge.

The 2002 movie THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES is based on one such real life bizarre event.


This movie isn’t exactly based on one event but is actually a sum up of the UFO sightings. The director Spielberg partly based the plot of his movie on the real life UFO encounter of the astronomer Dr. J. Allen Hynek. He too helped him during the filming. The title of the movie isn’t actually explained in the film but is derived from Hynek’s own encounter classification system according to which the first kind refers to the sighting of a UFO, the second kind refers to the physical evidence that proves the alien’s existence and the third kind refers to the actual contact with the alien life forms. Spielberg’s and Hynek’s involvement led NASA to actually write a 20 page letter to the director stating the danger of making such a film. The director on the other hand too took the letter on a serious note.


In 1947, the Roswell Army Air Field claimed to have captured a crashing ‘flying disc’ in the New Mexico. The US military earlier stated is as of a weather balloon but later said that they had acquired a “flying disc”. Although the incident has had many rumours and hoaxes spun but it is still one of the most interesting cases for the ufologists. The 1994 movie ROSWELL is based on the same event and depicts the military to have not only acquired the UFO but also the alien crew with it.


This Netflix mega-strange series is all that one needs to watch. Although it juggles between the theories of being based on a true event or not, the story-line of the show makes one think that it might have happened in some other way. The lead character in the series is shown to be blind and to have disappeared and returned after 7 years with no sight issues at all. Later the character states that maybe she never disappeared and was here all the while. This amazing character played by Brit Marling had a few frozen moments on the sets when she heard a woman speaking of her near-death experience where she almost died and came back. This was an eureka moment for Brit as she explains. This was the basic idea behind ‘THE OA’ but how much truth is in it being based on a real life event is still a question.


This one really can run a chill down your spine. Paranormal is something that we all have heard of. But spectral rape? Paranormally physical abuse? Difficult to believe and shivering to accept that it is true. Doris Bither, a woman in her 30s lived in California with her 4 children, one daughter and three sons. She claimed to have been continuously physical abused by an entity that haunts her house. She took help from the paranormal researchers Dr. Barry Taff and Kerry Gaynor. Both first suspected the three boys to be the culprit as there was a tension between them and the mother but later their studies revealed that there was actually someone invisible who was physically haunting Doris. In a recording where 30 investigators were in Doris’s bedroom, they saw a green misty musculature that could actually be believed to be a male, arising from a corner and coming over Doris. One of the pictures even show  a flash of light that revolved around Doris. This super-chilling incident is the idea behind the 1982 horror movie ‘THE ENTITY’.


Whitley Strieber, a healthy man, woke up one midnight only to find an unseen unexplainable creature ( probably an alien ) across his bed. Next what he realized was that it was morning already and he had this anxiety and disturbance for god knows what reason. Extremely shaken by the incident, Strieber revealed some horrifying details on hypnosis of being abducted by the aliens and to have had been physically insulted by them. His memories were the basis of his novel ‘communion’ and a number of movies like WOLFEN (1981), THE HUNGER (1983) and COMMUNION (1989).


This another masterpiece too has an insane back-story. It is based on the government experiments done in Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station, Montauk, Long Island. The experiment consisted of psychological-warfare techniques like time travel, mind control and teleportation. It was earlier called a s ‘Montauk’ when it was picked up by Netflix and later the name was changed.


This is definitely creepiest on so many levels. The original Unit 731 of Japanese army killed loads of civilians and war prisoners of world war 2 while experimenting on them to create human-alien hybrids. This atrocity committed by the Unit 731 killed over 3,000 prisoners by exposing them to a number of diseases. The ‘THE X-FILES 731’ depicts two FBI agents MULDER and SCULLY who investigate and work on the same case.


Black Mirror

This series is slightly different from all of the above mentioned. It depicts a world where people can rate each other’s profile and totally appreciate or degrade them. In midst of all this, is this woman Lacie, who is totally rejoiced always with her amazing ratings. The idea was originally taken from the novel Brewster’s Millions where a high rated successful man tries to reduce his ratings.

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