The Hulk vs Godzilla: Battle of The Monsters 

The Hulk vs Godzilla: Who will win?

This is not the conventional Superhero Match-up we are used to having. This battle would surely be eye catchy and cause a lot of destruction at the same time. Both these individuals are agents of mass destruction and collateral damage. A battle between these two can level an entire city within minutes and will be the cause of many civilians who are trapped around them. For everyone’s sake, it should happen on an uninhabited playing field where they could cause no harm to anything or anyone else. It may be difficult to make this happen since Godzilla will be taking on Kong in two years and the Studios owning the two characters will have to collude. But let’s just imagine how amazing and catastrophic this fight is going to be and decide who will be the ultimate winner.

The Incredible Hulk

Hulk is a force no one can control, not even he himself. When he is ‘Smashing’ no one stays standing. Hulk is probably the strongest Avenger (well according to Tony he is) and no one would want to cross paths against this giant green rage monster. Bruce Banner is a scientist with a genius level intellect and he became the Hulk when he was accidentally exposed to Gamma rays during the detonation of an experimental bomb as they were trying to recreate the Super Soldier Serum that turned Steve Rogers into Captain America. Instead what was created was this big Green Goliath.

When Banner transformers into the Hulk, he becomes extremely powerful and loses control being subjected to emotional stress, at or against his will, often leading to destructive rampages and conflicts that complicate Banner’s civilian life. His Strength is often proportionate to the level of anger he possesses at a time. Attacking the Hulk will make him angrier and hence even stronger, so that would be a foolish mistake to make for anyone. His powers include superhuman strength and durability. He can run really fast despite being so heavy and can jump higher than a building.

Godzilla: The King of Monsters

Godzilla used to be a Dinosaur known as Godzillasaurus, that somehow survived the age of extinction of Dinosaurs and later he dwelt on Lagos Island. He has survived on this planet for so long that you can say that he is immortal. Earth is a planet full of monsters and Godzilla has beaten them all, and became the fiercest King of Monsters. He was almost 164 ft in his younger days, and he kept on growing and in the latest movie where Godzilla appeared, he was recorded to be around 492 feet tall, which is almost as tall as a small building.

Godzilla possesses insane abilities as he has got immense strength and could take down an entire building with 2-3 blows merely. His trademark attack is the very famous “Atomic Ray”, which he breathes out of his mouth, and could burn down anything standing in front of him. Along with the Atomic Ray, one of his unpopular abilities is to project a field of nuclear energy from his body, which is known as a nuclear pulse, and spreads through miles if he uses it. His body generates and absorbs radiations which increases his overall energy and makes him extremely powerful. He can survive underwater and is a very swift mover underwater, so if he has to defeat someone, he can easily drown him/her!

Hulk vs Godzilla

Hulk vs Godzilla

Hulk has beaten immensely strong individuals in the Marvel comics’ lore and the movie division, but he has never faced someone of the likes of the King of Monsters, Godzilla. We saw in The Avengers, how easily Hulk brought down the entire Leviathan by just pulling it down with his saw power, and he stopped another one with just one smashing punch! So, being 10 Feet Tall against a 490 feet monster is not a problem for the Hulk. Moreover, he can capitalize on his swiftness and agility against a slow huge monster. He surely has the strength to know Godzilla down with repeated blows.

Hulk vs Godzilla

The main problem Hulk will face against Godzilla is the Atomic Ray and the nuclear pulse. If Godzilla manages to land his atomic ray on the Hulk for even a slight moment, it could be extremely catastrophic for the Green Goliath. The radiation that Godzilla absorbs will allow him to heal and give out immense blows and Nuclear Pulse towards the Hulk. He can even grab hold of Hulk beat him like a Cherokee Drum! If Godzilla takes the fight into the water, then he will be in a certain advantage, but all these constant attacks on the Hulk will only make him angrier, and as angry the Hulk gets, as strong his attacks are!

Hulk vs Godzilla

So, ultimately, Hulk would take down Godzilla if he is able to keep the fight away from water, and if he is able to stay away from the Atomic Ray, otherwise, Godzilla may thrive over the incredible Hulk.

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