10 Awesome Deadpool 2 Rumors We Hope To Be True

Deadpool isn’t just a movie. It’s THE movie. When Fox released the first movie featuring the fourth wall breaking blabber mouth we were like meh who cares… another X-Men movie. Then the movie hit the theaters and a home run along with it. People loved Deadpool. Soon it became the freshest, stupidest and most interesting take on the superhero genre. With the teaser trailer for Deadpool 2 out, rumors are afloat of things that might make the movie a blockbuster to surpass its predecessor.

10. The Deadpool 3 movie villain will be teased

With the Wolverine and Hugh Jackman making a glorious exit out of the Foxverse, Deadpool is the next best cash cow for 20th Century Fox to milk. At the end of Deadpool, Wade appears in a bathrobe and teases the entry of Cable into the fold in the sequel. As promised, Josh Brolin plays the guy in Deadpool 2. Now with the new movie out, the showrunners at Fox will immediately start on the next venture of the series and will probably tease the next baddie to enter the fray.

9. The Mutant Response Division is set to appear

The Mutant Response Division is a government-sanctioned group of elite soldiers that carry out missions and deal with the threat of the ‘mutant menace’. At the end of the day, Wade is still a mutant and like all other mutants, the hate against him and his species is profound in the Marvel universe. The Mutant Response Division is the result of the collective xenophobia that exists against mutant-kind in his world. And they will soon appear in the movie.

8. Black Tom Cassidy will be the primary antagonist

Wait isn’t Cable the main villain of the sequel? Hell no. Even in the comics Cable I an anti-hero at best but he never does turn to villainy. In the movie, Cable will end up being at serious odds with the merc-with-a-mouth but he sure ain’t gonna be the bad guy. The rumor about Black Tom Cassidy may or may not be true but whoever it is gonna be, after Ed Skrein’s phenomenal performance as Ajax in Deadpool, the sequel needs to give us something even better.

7. The debut of Taskmaster

Ed Skrein, the guy who played the mutant Ajax in Deadpool one had this to say to IGN:

“To see Taskmaster and Wade Wilson/Deadpool together is so funny – watching them play in the Daniel Way collection, they have these incredible riffs. He’s a mercenary like Wade Wilson but he’s a mercenary without morals. The only redeeming factor of Deadpool is his morals, right? Taskmaster does not have those morals so he back-stabs and stuff like that.”

Tony Masters is a guy gifted with photographic reflexes in the comics. He can mimic and replicate any fighting style or technique once he lays eyes on them. He turns to a life of crime, using his skill as an elite assassin for hire and training up and coming supervillains as the Taskmaster.

6. Hugh Jackman/ Wolverine easter eggs

The first movie made vague but awesome references to the Wolverine movie Ryan was a part of before accepting his destiny as the fourth wall breaking maniac. While Jackman returning to the franchise may or may not be happening, fans gonna just have to make do with the funny wolfie references in Deadpool 2. Running gags a cometh gentlemen. And they are gonna make you crack your ribs in laughter.

5. Cyclops and Juggernaut will make appearances

Both Scott Summers aka the laser eyeballs Cyclops and Cain Marko aka the mountain of a man Juggernaut have made appearances in previous X-Men movies. While Cyclops has faced reboots to his characters and has had multiple appearances, Juggernaut has made only one. Keeping to the tradition of introducing surprise appearances of major characters, the franchise may set the audience howling in the theaters yet again.

4. The Post Credits may show three new mutants: Sunspot, Feral and Shatterstar

Deadpool, Cable, Colossus, Domino, Vanessa, weasel, Negasonic Teenage What-the-shit….err Warhead are already set to make a stellar but packed up cast of mutants in the movie. Now with Fox announcing three more mutants, the stage is set for Feral, Sunpot and Shatterstar. The X-Force is about to make it’s debut. The movie may be overcrowded as it is, perhaps the three mutants will make a post credits debut? All in good faith.

3. Hope Summers and Charles Xavier will appear

The comic book portrays Hope Summers as the daughter of Cyclops and half-sister of Nathan Summers aka Cable. After the Deadpool shirt No Good Deed that aired before Logan, the mutant messiah may appear in Deadpool 2 after all.

Charles Xavier aka Professor X is the only thing that can bridge the world of Deadpool with that of the convoluted X-Men universe. Patrick Stewart has bid adieu to the role after his last appearance in Logan. With a little leap of faith, James McAvoy may be able to connect with the merc-with-a-mouth. A post credit is the best option.

2. The X-Force will be introduced in Deadpool 2

Cable is one of the most powerful mutant psychics and the son of Cyclops. But that isn’t what he is best remembered as. Cable is a time traveler and the leader of the X-Force – a group of powerful mutant outlaws from the future. With so many mutants set to appear in Deadpool 2, it’s only natural to assume Cable and his mutant bandits jump into the bandwagon as well. The question does arise – Is this the way Deadpool is introduced to the X-Men universe, with Wade Wilson and Nathan Summers making a time-jump into the future… or to another timeline?

1. Deadpool will get new powers

deadpool 2

The previous movie showed Deadpool generally as a rapidly healing madman with two swords and a pair of guns for weapons. The power he possesses is generally not staying dead. His immortality may not sound as awesome but it helped for good storytelling (Remember that hilarious baby hand scene!!). The new movie has a bigger budget, new cast of characters, new mutants, a new setting and a more powerful bad guy. Deadpool has a lot of other powers in the comics. Maybe it’s time for him to use them and up his game.

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