10 Things Fox’s X-Men Universe Does Better Than The Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Marvel Cinematic Universe surely has been making all the fans happy with their movies and TV and it is ruling Hollywood currently, but there are some things where the MCU is quite lacking, and Fox’s X-Men Universe is better than the MCU in those aspects. Here is a list of things that Fox does better than Marvel.


The MCU has followed a pretty much same pattern till now and all the movies, even though great, are light hearted and sometimes, even some aspects of the plots are similar too. Fox has now started investing in new and unknown projects and the approach towards those projects is totally unpredictable and unique, which is great!


It is clear that Fox is aware of the fact that they haven’t always made great X-Men films, and movies like X-Men: Apocalypse and X-Men: The Last Stand are prime examples of them. They have now understood that the audience is now bored with the same old X-Men storylines and they have started looking for new ideas, giving us new products. They own what they make, and accept what is bad, which is something that we have to appreciate.

The films stand on their own

The MCU is a shared a shared movie Universe and almost all the movies are connected to each other in a big way which the fans need to know in order to watch the other movie. Fox has now started to make stand-out movies which are very loosely connected to the X-Men Universe and are still a part of it. Fans can see movies like Deadpool and Logan without actually seeing the other 8 movies in the X-Men Universe.

Allowing Characters to die

It has become trend in the MCU that people keep on surviving lethal events and come back in the next movie and very rarely do characters die in this Universe. A death in the MCU is almost never permanent and the makers keep faking deaths. Whereas the X-Men do let their characters die, and make things feel a little tense and real, which the MCU sometimes does not.

Bringing in fresh faces

Sure we are used to the faces we have seen in the MCU and we do want to see more from them, but we have to accept the fact that the contracts of various characters are coming to an end, after that, their characters might be discontinued. But, the X-Men Universe has managed to bring in different actors for the same characters and both these portrayals actually exist together in one Universe without changing the meaning or the story of the movies. The MCU also needs to find out a good way to replace their big actors like the X-Men have.

Diving into the R-rated Genre

This is something we might never see happening in the MCU movies as they keep on making family friendly movies and earn big from them, which sometimes feels too cliché with Marvel. Fox on the other hand has taken a new approach and with the massive success of Deadpool and Logan, they are now fully invested into R-rated movies and have upcoming projects like Deadpool 2, New Mutants and Gambit.

Better TV shows

People might love or hate Marvel TV, but the TV shows Fox has produced so far concerning the X-Men are huge hits and people want more of them as of now. It is really great that Fox is not only bringing their unique approach to the movies, but also on TV as well, with shows like Legion and The Gifted.


There is no doubt that Fox’s portrayal of Quicksilver was way better than the MCU’s.  The MCU’s Quicksilver was not at all bad but Fox just nailed it with theirs. Quicksilver in the X-Men was way faster, funnier and long lasting than the one shown in the Avengers movie.

Alternate Timeline

One thing about comic book storylines is that when things don’t tend to go well in the Comic book movies or the content gets too stale, the massive overhaul in the comics allows people to make a big time jump and Boom! Here’s an alternate timeline that changes everything for the upcoming future. This is what Fox successfully did with Days of Future Past, erasing a couple of bad movies from existence. Marvel could follow up on the same track after Infinity War and DC could do this with Flashpoint as well.

Taking Risks


One thing is for sure now, that Fox has finally grown a pack! Right after their yet another failed attempt at Fantastic Four, they took a big risk and went on with Deadpool which turned out to be a blockbuster. After that, there was no stopping them as they took another risk with Logan which played off pretty well. Now their New Mutants also looks great and we are finally going to get Channing Tatum’s Gambit. And, the biggest fact is that all these movies have been and will be R-Rated, which most comic book movies fail at. The MCU, on the other hand, keeps playing safe.

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