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5 MCU Characters Who Can Beat Darkseid & 5 Who Will Lose

We finally saw Darkseid in the Snyder Cut after repeated demands among the DCEU fans. Though, he appeared for a very short time. We saw mere glimpses of Darkseid in the flashback scenes and during the merge. Unfortunately, now that the Snyderverse is dead in the water, this may have been the last appearance for Darkseid. He was meant to be the DCEU’s version of Thanos with a whole series of movies final leading up to the Big-Bad who wants to destroy the universe. Now that we have seen him in action, he is obviously one of the strongest characters in the DCEU. And once he possesses the Anti-Life Equation, he will unarguably be the strongest being of the DCEU. So the question needs to be asked, how many characters in the MCU can defeat the Big-Bad of the DCEU? Here are 5 characters who will lose, and 5 MCU characters who can beat Darkseid:


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Drax is one of the funniest characters in the Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise. But his sense of humor is not reciprocated by his fighting skills. He may be the strongest in the team but his intelligence levels are the same as Baby Groot. He may have proved his fighting prowess in the first installment of GotG but he also showed his stupidity. His inability to know about the villain before fighting would probably be the main reason for his loss. Just like he did with Ronan, he would probably confront Darkseid on his own. And Darkseid won’t have to shed break sweat to defeat him.



Thanos has played a major role in the MCU’s first three phases. With his obsession to save the universe from the exhaustion of resources, he attempts to murder half the people of the whole universe. Thanos may have been inevitable with the stones but he was a formidable villain even before he possessed all the 6 stones. His triumph over Hulk was unexpected but considering his fighting skills and just raw power, it was understandable. However, if he were to face Darkseid, with all his might and technique, he’d lose as he is only a titan. But with the infinity stones, he just might be able to defeat Darkseid.



MCU has really reformed the character the Falcon from the comics and continues to do so. His character development and mentorship under Captain America has made him more than worthy to be the next Captain America. Still, due to the lack of any superhuman abilities, he won’t be able to hold his ground in front of Darkseid for much longer than Drax. Even his wings won’t help him fly from the death reaper that is Darkseid.



MCU characters who can beat Darkseid

After finally tapping into her power as a witch, Scarlet Witch is one of the few members of the MCU who can defeat Darkseid single-handedly. Even before discovering the extent of her power, Wanda was more powerful than any Avenger and almost defeated Thanos all by herself. And now with chaos magic and the ability to manipulate everything around her in her back pocket, only a power-greedy alien would be mad enough to go after her. Darkseid would be walking towards his death if he tries to meddle with the Scarlet Witch.



Steve Rogers has never been the one to back out from a fight, even when the opponent is above his weight class. Even if he is the first super-soldier in the MCU, he is just a human. Darkseid, on the other hand, is considered a God in the DCEU. His fight with Thanos just after the snap may have been his best fight yet and his ‘I can do this all day’ attitude was proved. But Darkseid isn’t known to play with people. He is pure evil and will rip Steve Rogers the first chance he gets.



There were many times when Darkseid tried to destroy all timelines and the Multiverse. But after Loki, we know that the TVA will not sit while he destroys the main timeline. With their ability to travel through time and manipulate it as per their wish, Darkseid doesn’t stand much of a chance against them. With all the Infinity Stones that they have collected over time, Darseide might get shredded like paper in a shredding machine. Since a single hunter and his crew of Marksmen won’t be enough to take down the New God, the TVA isn’t short of resources.



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Clint Barton is one of the OG Avengers in the MCU. But much like the others, the odds of him winning against Darkseid are next to nothing. Just like Captain America and Falcon, Hawkeye is just a human with none superhuman abilities. Darkseid has slaughtered millions of warriors, thousands of which would be much stronger than Hawkeye. Even if, a battle may take place, it will be over in a minute, if not mere seconds.



MCU characters who can beat Darkseid

It has been well-established that Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel is one of the strongest superheroes in the MCU. It was for this reason that she wasn’t introduced to the audience until a Universal threat could exist. Captain Marvel has soaked Thanos’ headbutts like he was made of plastic. Such raw power might just be enough to defeat the New God. She got her powers by absorbing the full power of the Space Stone, so she might just be able to absorb the Omega blasts that is some of Darkseid’s many abilities.



To quote Loki, “We might be stronger than we realize.” This statement might just be true as we saw the classic Loki build the entire Asgard as an illusion with his magic. But we all know how it ended. Loki might be able to recreate these illusions but all it will do is buy him time before his inevitable death. Darkseid is a no-nonsense guy and one of the main tricks of Loki include talking and distracting until he has the means to win. So, it is very clear as to who will emerge triumphant in this battle.



Alioth is a malevolent trans-temporal entity that exists across timelines as a giant purple cloud. Disney+’s Loki showed him as the pet of He-Who-Remains who has tamed him to protect him from the evil variants of himself. This way, it is Alioth who originally ended the Multiversal war. Anything that is touched by this giant entity ceases to exist in the next moment. The show portrayed him as a creature who can not be harmed in any way, much less killed. Darkseid thinks of himself as a God so he will not back away from a fight against Alioth. But the ability of Alioth to absorb anything he touches makes it almost impossible for Darkseid to hurt him in any way.

So these were the MCU Characters who can beat Darkseid. Darkseid may surely be a powerful being in DCEU, but MCU has come so far with many powerful characters that are capable to take Darkseid down. Do you have other characters in mind that can defeat Darkseid? Do let us know in the comments.

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