10 Things About Wolverine That Make Absolutely NO Sense

The Wolverine is one of the X-Men’s most prominent members. He is even more famous as the animalistic superhero with an attitude problem. Logan, as he is otherwise called, has a witty sarcasm as sharp as his claws. As one of the only mutant X-men who actually likes to kill people for a change, Wolverine can be best termed as an anti-hero. Throughout the years, many fans have grown watching him kick ass. But there are still several things about Wolverine that make absolutely no sense.

He can get through Metal Detectors

Wolverine was a part of the Weapon X program that turned him into the beast he is today. To do that, they had to inject insane amounts of Adamantium, one of Earth’s toughest metals, into his skeleton. Those Metal Claws you see, they are not genetic. They were artificially drafted into his body. But with so much metal in his body, how does he pass through customs?? When Magneto asks the same question, he replies – ‘I am a professional.’

His healing ability

Wolverine’s healing factor is one of his most noticeable traits. But with each different writer, it varies and is wildly inconsistent. In one issue, he shrugged off thousands of bullet wounds while in another; a single shot knocked him out. In X-Men Origins, Wolverine is only given Memory loss by an Adamantium bullet while in the comics, part of his head blew off.

His memories

 Wolverine is a tortured hero. Throughout his life, all he has been seen by his captors is as a lab rat to be experimented upon. He has had several fake memories implanted into his brain just so they could make him more complacent. While it serves as a good plot point in some stories, it is terribly annoying when the writers use it incessantly to dismiss his old memories as fake.

His insane weight

Adamantium is so tough only because of its massive density. The denser a metal is, the harder it is to break. It is simple science really. But when it comes to Wolverine, science rakes a back seat. Wolverine’s entire body is made of Adamantium. But he never has any problem while running or fighting. I never knew Wolverine also had super strength!!!

His aging

While his healing factor is one of the most enviable abilities, it did stop working in Old Man Logan. Part of the reason Logan was so heart-touching as a movie is because it showed us a weaker, vulnerable version of Wolverine that no longer had the healing factor to protect him. But why did the Healing factor, which had been working fine for centuries, suddenly stop? And why wasn’t this explained further neither in the comics nor in the movie??

His Mentorship

One clear fact about Wolverine is – he has a thing for young girls. Now don’t take it the wrong way. In the Wolverine Origins comic book issue, it is shown Logan once killed a young redhead by the name of Rose. Since then, Logan has been a mentor to Jubilee, Shadow Cat and most recently X-23. But why is it only young girls?? Is Wolverine a closet sugar daddy??

His Love for Japan

Logan is a guy that has lived off the adrenaline rush his entire life? All his life has been spent at the edge of a blade, his warrior nature always making him fight his way out of trouble. But in one issue, Wolverine doe find peace. The Samurai Nation of Japan is where Wolverine thinks he can finally let go of his rage. Alas! His past catches up with him and he has to become the animal again. Although the story sounds cool, we never really knew – Why Japan?!?!

His Lone Wolf Status

Wolverine sees himself as a lone warrior. He likes to go on solo missions and does not like to get attached to anyone. While everyone seems to think the same, nothing could be further than the truth. Wolverine has had several team-ups with not only the X-Men but the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and a lot of other superhero groups. He has had several chances to go back to his life of solitude but he always chooses to come back to his friends. Always!!

His relationship with Sabretooth


Sabretooth and Wolverine weren’t originally brothers in the comics. Chris Claremont, the original writer of the X-Men comics, wanted Sabretooth to be Logan’s father. While later on it was changed to the older brother. Every superhero has a dark reflection of him – Spiderman has Venom, Hulk has the Red Hulk and Wolverine has Sabretooth. But the animosity between the two is never fully explained. Why do they always keep fighting?!?!

His time as the Headmaster

If he becomes the headmaster of an entire school, it is safe to say the school is no more. The idea is utterly absurd and illogical to think about. Wolverine is a fighter who belongs to the battlefield. He is not a teacher. But after the Schism event in Marvel Comics, Cyclops and Wolverine fight over their idea of leading the X-Men. Cyclops wants to fight their enemies while Logan wants to protect the younger mutants from harm. Cyclops leaves the school soon after and Wolverine becomes the headmaster of the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning.

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