10 Most Powerful Asgardian Weapons Every Marvel Fan Should Know About

The people of Asgard have to go through many battles in their lives and it was a matter of their everyday life. There are many powerful weapons in their vaults that they use to fight the external as well as some internal forces. Here’s a list of some of those insanely powerful weapons:


Most Powerful Asgardian Weapons
Most Powerful Asgardian Weapons

No doubt Mjolnir is one of the most famous Asgardian weapons, Odinsword is the most powerful. First appeared in “Journey Into Mystery” #117 (by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Vince Colletta), the giant sword has featured only twice. It’s believed that if it were ever taken out, it would mean the end of the universe.

So, the writers couldn’t bear to use something of that limit and so, it was teased only twice. Once when Odin threatens a villain to back off or he will unsheath it and again when Thor and his mates almost used it against the villain Mangog but luckily, Odin woke from his Odinsleep and stops the villain first.


In ‘Journey into Mystery’ issue #83, Mjolnir made its first appearance, The main weapon of Thor was first going to be named, Uru hammer, but then the editors thought its name should be Thor, which is also the name of Thor’s hammer in the Norse mythology. It can only be lifted by someone who is most worthy in the entire realm. In the first Thor movie, Thor is banished to Earth as he was not worthy of the hammer but in the end, he regained his powers. But in Ragnarok, something interesting was revealed which is that the real power lies in Thor which is channeled into the hammer not vice-versa.

In the newest origin story of Mjolnir, it was shown that once there was a raging Sential storm that went through whichever galaxy destroyed it. When it came to Asgard, it faced Odin who then fought it for days before capturing it in the Uru metal. Then he asks the dwarves to make it into a weapon and literally stars are used to melt the metal. After that, it is made into a hammer. The hammer, as we all know, will get destroyed in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok but not for so long.

The Destroyer

Remeber the big automaton Armor from the first Thor movie? Yes, that big armor is made from the powerful uru metal, the same metal used to make Mjolnir. The destroyer armor has been used by Odin to fight the Celestials.

Loki usually takes control of this armor in the comics to attack Thor. It’s actually one of the biggest foes of Thor who almost killed him while they’re battling. In the end, Thor was able to prevail over Destroyer and foiled the plans of his mischievous brother Loki.


In Thor #337, Thor was trying to stop an alien invasion on Earth. This alien race actually lost their world and had been kept in cryogenics until the time they find a new planet. When Thor attacked their ship, it activated Beta Ray Bill who was the defender of their race. He was able to pick up Thor’s hammer and transformed into a Thor-like version of himself.

So, Odin made them fight each other to see who got to keep the hammer. Their fight ended in a tie and Odin decided to make a new, golden uru hammer just like Mjolnir with the similar powers and called it Stormbreaker. Beta Ray Bill is wielding the Stormbreaker since then.


Most Powerful Asgardian Weapons

Jarnbjorn, known as the “Wrecker of Worlds”, was the ax that Thor used when he was young before he wielded Mjolnir. He also upgraded or enhanced its powers by blessing it with his blood. The indestructible ax is so powerful now that it can pierce through the armor of a Celestial.

When Thor lost his ax, it fell into the hands of Kang the Conqueror who gave it to the Apocalypse Twins. They used it to kill a Celestial. Later Thor defeats them and regains his ax. The ax was so powerful that Malekith used it to cut off Thor’s arm.


When Thor was living with a secret identity of Sigurd Jarlson, construction worker, he befriends an architect, Eric Masterson. During a battle between Thor and one his foes, Eric got hurt and the only way to save him was by merging his life force with Thor’s. This goes on for some time until Thor seemingly kills Loki.

He was exiled for his actions and surprisingly his body along with his powers was left with Eric. Eric faithfully represents Thor until he brings him back. Odin then makes an all-new enchanted mace for Eric which was called Thunderstrike so that Eric could continue the good work on Earth. Sadly, Eric sacrificed himself while defeating the Egyptian god, Seth.


The blood-hungry axe which was the weapon of choice of Skruge the Executioner had powers that made him achieve many great feats in battles. But when he died using the axe it eventually made its way to Earth where Jackie Lukus, a friend of Eric Masterson (Thunderstrike) finds it and uses it to fight crime but the blood-lust of the axe took control of her and made her kill.

Eric then takes the axe from her and when he was stuck in a battle against a powerful enemy which he wasn’t able to defeat, he uses the axe to defeat him. After which, he realizes that the axe will take control of him as well so he sacrificed his life to stop it. But his sacrifice couldn’t destroy the bloody axe. Thor, later, uses it in a battle and when he realizes that the curse of the axe is taking hold of himself, he destroys it.


It’s the powerful spear of Odin himself. There are two origins of the spear, including one in which dwarves made the spear out of sunlight and the other says that it’s from the previous Ragnarok’s leftover.

It’s a lot like Odin’s version of Mjolnir as it sends energy blast and is also made from uru metal and returns back to Odin when he throws it. We have not seen this powerful weapon in full action in the Thor movie universe and it’s unlikely that we will see it as Odin is dead.


The powerful sword of Heimdall is called Hofund. It’s really powerful as Heimdall can call upon cosmic forces to charge his sword like he did with the flames of several stars.

The sword also has many magical powers and it also enables Heimdall to disguise himself as human when he comes to Earth. In Thor: Ragnarok, Heimdall ensured that this sword did not fall into the hands of Hela at any cost.

Balder’s Sword

Most Powerful Asgardian Weapons

The Balder’s sword (only Asgardian weapon without its own name) can transport people through different dimensions. First appeared in “Journey Into Mystery” #111 in which Jane Foster was dying of a mysterious ailment that could be cured only by finding the Holder the Healer.

The major problem was that she was on Earth while he was in the furthest reaches of Asgard. Thor was stuck on Midgard and the only Asgardian worthy to find the elixir was Balder the Brave.

Honorable Mentions:

Red Norvell’s Hammer, Gram, and Stormcaster.

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