Captain America Civil War: Avengers vs Avengers

Marvel Studios released a mind-blowing trailer of upcoming Civil war movie and fans literally freaked out when Spiderman took away Captain America’s shield and people saw where his allegiance lie for the first time. In the test screenings, the audience is describing it as a “superhero-horror” film i.e it’s so difficult to choose sides that it becomes an emotional horror marathon. Further, they call Bucky and Falcon as the two girlfriends of Steve Rogers, since they share closest relationship with him.

Following are the one-to-one face-offs we are going to see in this Avengers fight club:


Captain America vs Iron-man:

The most awaited face-off of the year 2016 is definitely going to be epic. It’s more a battle of ideas between Steve Rogers who is against the idea of Superhero Registration act and greater oversight of their actions and Tony Stark who thinks people with powers should be more responsible and held accountable for their actions.

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