MCU Should Skip the Origin of Miles Morales as Well

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has only survived this long because of the fact that Kevin Feige has kept his writing team on their toes. He continuously innovates in his storylines and asks his writers to figure out new ways to do the same old story. So it tracks that he decided to skip over the traditional Uncle Ben origin when it was time for Spider-Man’s Homecoming. The absence of Ben was a clever misdirect that had MCU fans debating for quite a while until May died in No Way Home, bringing Tom Holland to classic Spider-Man origins. But what about the origin of Miles Morales?

We know that the character exists in the MCU with the appearance of Aaron Davis in Homecoming as played by the musician Childish Gambino. Now, with Peter’s origins in the bag, it is highly likely that Marvel Studios will turn their attention towards Miles and his introduction to the main universe. But you see, the thing is, that we might not be as interested in Miles as the hype train would have you believe. The character has been a hit since his introduction in Marvel comics but the audience is dealing with a lot of fatigue with his continued appearances in mass media. In the past couple of years, he has headlined a successful movie and a spin-off launch title for the PS5. So it is safe to say that the fans are privy to the classic origins of this character.


Skip The Origins Of Miles Morales

Hence, the question becomes whether the creators want to subject the audience to the same story whose lethargy is weighing on them or do they want to do something new. Origins help substantiate a character and their motivations within the confines of the fictional universe. But we already know who Miles is and we know what drives him. Much like Peter Parker, Miles’ characterization and powers are known by almost the entire audience of the MCU.


Origin of Miles Morales

To avoid this Peter was given a new origin suited to his MCU persona. A child brought up admiring Iron man takes to heroism under his wing. It allowed the audience to divest from the inherent conflict among the superheroes. Peter’s high school adventures felt like a breath of fresh air and fans were able to rejoice in his homecoming. It has hence, become imperative that Miles receive the same treatment. We think that the MCU has already sowed seeds for the same and we have a theory on how this alternate origin could work.


You see, Aaron Davis’ existence in the MCU betrays the intentions of Feige. He seems to want to give Aaron more to do than just become The Prowler as he did in Into The Spider-verse. Killing off an uncle is the go-to for a Spider-man origin but Marvel might want to make Aaron an ally of Miles rather than a villain. If both of them fight as vigilantes in the city then there are innumerable ways in which Aaron can die and it doesn’t have to be in a battle with Miles. Spider-Man is made up of two important components, the leap of faith and the death of someone important.


The Future

We propose that The Prowler will aid Ultimate Spider-Man in taking the leap of faith but Miles’ cockiness will lead to his demise. This might transform Miles into the Spider-Man he needs to be, rather than just being over-confident. The death of someone in the inner circle will ground Miles and remind him of what he fights for. This is a crucial element of Spider-Man’s mentality. Maybe, at that point, Peter can do for Miles what Maguire and Garfield did for him in the MCU.


Time to Release Spider-Verse Movie With Tom Holland

We know that all of this is speculation. But with the multiverse on the horizon, it is possible that Marvel will introduce Ultimate Spider-Man to the mix one way or another. The only real question here is when will it happen. Let us know what you think about this down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


What do you think should MCU skip the origin of Miles Morales? we want to your views on this so comment below.

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