As wizards and witches whizz past at full speed on brooms, the Famous Five crack codes and save the day with adorable pets in tow and the ingenuity of young minds surprise and excite, the world of children’s fiction envelops us in a gigantic hug. The world of children is simple, easy to understand and remarkable in every sense. It teaches us the value of imagination and creativity, humour and optimism and love and friendship; enduring lessons that give us the motivation to live and enjoy. Here are a few children’s books/ book series that everyone must read. Enjoy 🙂


Matilda by Roald Dahl


Roald Dahl’s storybooks brighten every child’s life. Laced with wit and clever plots, his Twits, Charlie and Willy Wonka, Fantastic Mr. Fox, BFG and countless other creations become an essential part of our existence. Matilda is the story of a young but extraordinary girl who displays amazing levels of courage and intelligence. The formation of relatable characters and believable storylines makes one feel like a character participating in the story itself. For those who prefer watching films, a lovely cinematic representation of the book is available.

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Tript Kaur

Tript adores reading and cooking, desserts being her speciality. She likes to keep herself updated about political issues and has a predilection for regional literature. She also has a penchant for weird, wacky facts.
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