Goku Vs Makkari Vs The Flash – Who is The Fastest of Them All

Goku Vs Makkari Vs The Flash:

Some people need the thrill of the run. They have a need for speed. Nothing could be as truer for these folks. Goku is the Saiyan Warrior God of the Dragon Ball Universe. He has honed his skills as a warrior. Using his Ki and his Saiyan prowess, he can achieve unimaginable speeds. The Flash is the avatar of the Speed Force in the DC Universe. The Speed Force grants him powers beyond human comprehension. He can run faster than the speed of light and has even outrun death on more than one occasion. Makkari is the fastest being in the Marvel Universe. He is an Eternal who has channeled all his energy manipulation powers for the singular purpose of becoming the fastest in all of creation. What happens when they race?

Goku Vs Makkari Vs The Flash

To pit these three superfast giants against one another means that we have to put up some ground rules first. And we specifically mean Goku here. We are not going to consider instant transmission since it is not a true performance of speed but is, in fact, a secret technique of an alien civilization called the Yardrats. Eliminating that skill, Goku’s speed will be on even grounds with that of the Flash’s and Makkari’s. So now let us dig in who gets to take the trophy home.


Makkari made his first appearance in Red Raven Comics #1. He debuted under the name of Mercury then. Makkari was created by the legendary Joe Simon and artist Louis Cazanueve. Makkari is an Eternal with the gift of tremendous speed. All members of Eternals have various powers and abilities courtesy of an experiment done on proto-humans by the Cosmic beings known as Celestials. Makkari, like any other Eternal, has the ability to manipulate cosmic energy. While others in his race use it for various other purposes, Makkari uses it to augment his speed.

Makkari first came into the scene as a superhero during World War Two but his tryst with Earth dates back to the era and times of Ancient Egypt. Despite his rich history, his adventures only began when he fought Nazism and Fascism during the heights of World War Two under the name Mercury, and then as Hurricane. After the Eternals realized his worth and skills as a warrior, they employed him and allowed him to fight alongside them against cosmic and omega level threats.

 Now coming to the real deal – Makkari’s true speed has never been measured and there is not enough data to actually quantify how fast he really is. What we do know is that Makkari has defeated the Runner in a race. The Runner is an Elder of the Universe, the oldest sentient beings in the cradle of creation. Each Elder of the Universe has a hobby. The Collector likes to collect rare stuff. The Champion likes to fight. The Runner, well as the name suggests, likes to run. As a being who has been training himself to run multiple times the speed of light, the Runner was considered the fastest being in the universe. That was until he met Makkari. Makkari is the only being to have defeated the Runner in a race. That alone is a testament to how fast he truly could be.


One Punch Man vs Goku vs The Hulk

As a fighter, Goku has had to fight several foes at lighting fast and downright blistering speeds. Let us take an example of just how fast the guy actually is – we give you the Snake Way. The Snake Way is around 10,46,074 kilometers in length. It is said that Goku took six months to travel that distance while it took him two days to travel back. And those were King Kai’s Estimate. That means that Goku traveled in a speed that equals or is greater than around 21,000 kilometers per hour while returning from the Snake Way. But wait, it gets better.

Goku Vs Makkari Vs The Flash

A specific post made in Quora mentions some more figures on how amazing Goku’s speed is. The Snake Way, like we said, is around 1.05 Lakh Kilometres in length. The post claims that Goku traveled half the distance of the total length of the Snake Way in a span of 28 hours or so. If we take the mean value as 28, then we realize that Goku was traveling at a speed that exceeded 17961 Kilometres per hour. The canonical data puts Goku’s power level being at about 5,000 at the time. So if we divide the 17961 by 5, then we get 3592.2 kilometers per hour. For simplicity’s sake, we round it up to 3600 for now. This means that for every one thousand points increase in his power level, Goku gains a speed of about 3600 Kilometres per hour.

Goku Vs Makkari Vs The Flash

 If we move further ahead in the Dragon Ball series, we come to realize that Goku’s strength level has actually drastically increased. By the time Goku fights Frieza and transforms into Super Saiyan, he has achieved a power level of 150 Million. So if we take the earlier calculation into consideration, this means that Goku has a speed of 537 Million Kilometres per hour. For your information, that is roughly half the speed of light. So in Super Saiyan mode, Goku has a speed half that of the speed of light. But there’s a little more to add on to that. During the Babidi Saga, Goku’s power levels have increased to the extent that they are about 33,300 times the speed of light. That is a number hard to defeat.

The Flash

It will extremely difficult to put Barry Allen’s speeds into facts and figures here. To make sure our heads don’t explode. We will be using Wally West as an example. We take you to the #88-89 of JLA. Wally West is seen saving an entire North Korean City from a nuclear explosion. The explosion had already happened and the detonation wave was making its way to the city of Chongjin, home to about 532,000 people. Barry saved them all. And he did it within a pico-second. The issue claims that Wally West achieved speeds that were about a fraction less than the speed of light that day. But the numbers do not lie. Barry was actually way, way faster.

Goku Vs Makkari Vs The Flash

We take to Quora to find out some tangible numbers to support our theory of quantifying Wally West’s speed into numbers. We will assume that the Flash took each citizen about 70 miles away from the point of detonation – which is the minimum safest distance from a nuclear blast. If he took 1.5 people per round trip and made about 354,667 round trips, he traversed around 39.96 Million Kilometres per hour. The official sources claim that the time taken by him to do run that distance was 0.00001 second. That means the Flash traveled at a speed of 4.12 Quintillion kilometers hour. With respect to the speed of light, that is about 3.7 trillion times the speed of light itself!!

And that is Wally West we are talking about. We are not even going to go and try to make you understand how fast Barry Allen, whose body literally generates the Speed Force might be. That is a tale we will keep for another day.


Goku Vs Makkari Vs The Flash

I guess we know now who the victor is. Goku, the Flash, and Makkari are all superhumanly fast beings. But the one that is the fastest of them all is the Flash aka the Scarlet Speedster. Makkari might be fastest in Marvel but in the other universes, Goku is at least a hundred times faster than the fastest Eternal. But the fastest being of the DC Universe takes the biggest piece of the pie here.  The Flash can achieve a level of speed that exceeds that of Goku by a huge margin. To put matters into perspective, the Flash is actually 111 times faster than Goku’s fastest sprint rate.

We guess that settles it. The Flash is faster. He takes this one fair and square.

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