10 Characters Who Can Defeat Ultra Instinct Goku

Characters Who Can Defeat Goku:

While we all know, revere, and respect the Ultra Instinct Goku. He is not all-powerful. He holds a level of power even the Gods of Destruction could only dream of but he is still not an invincible chap. There are fighters within the Dragon Ball Universe, who under the right circumstances could play Ultra Instinct Goku like a finely tuned piano.

 1. Hit

Characters Who Can Defeat Goku

Before the Dragon Ball fans get all jumpy on us for having Hit – a fairly weaker character on this list, we would like to explain the reasons why we chose to do so. Hit is Universe6’s greatest assassins and he has been extremely good at his job for almost a thousand years. His signature movie is completing his assassinations in one move. Throughout his tenure as a hired gun, Hit has developed several amazing abilities.

Characters Who Can Defeat Goku

These abilities include the power to stop and control time and transfer his consciousness into another dimension and become practically invincible. Goku’s Ultra Instinct may give him heightened reflexes but Hit can use his time manipulation powers like the Tides of Time, Time Lag and his ultimate technique called the Time Prison, to defeat Goku in his UI pretty easily if it was a real world scenario without the restrictions placed on him via the Tournament of Power.

 2. Whis

Dragon Ball Characters stronger Than Gods of Destruction

Whis is an Angel Attendant. He assists Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7. Whis was the one who trained Beerus and helped him gain even more power. It was under his guidance that Beerus became such a powerful force to be reckoned with. As an Angel, Whis is already equipped with Ultra Instinct him-self and he has a far more refined control over it than Goku could ever achieve.

Moreover, Whis is considered to be one of the most powerful of the 12 Angels serving the Omni-King. Whis actually trained Goku and Vegeta and helped them prepare for the Tournament of Power. He seldom picked up a fight with anyone in the series. Moreover, Whis has control over time as well. That makes him far more powerful than UI Goku

 3. Vados

Characters Who Can Defeat Goku

Vados is the older sister of Whis. Both of them have a legendary level of strength even by Angel Attendant standard which is truly saying something. Vados and Whis continued sparring with each other and honing them-selves as fighters for a long time back in their days. And every time Vados and Whis fought, Vados would win. There was not one-time Whis managed to defeat his elder sister in combat.

That alone speaks plenty of her abilities. She is the Angel Attendant of Champa, the God of Destruction of Universe 6. Although she claims herself to be a better warrior than Vados, her teaching skills are up for debate since Beerus managed to gain ultimate power under Whis’ mentorship while Vados could not make Champa as strong as his brother Beerus.

 4. Beerus

Greatest Dragon Ball Villains

Beerus is the God of Destruction of Universe 7. He is also the most powerful God of Destruction to ever exist, able to hold his own against all the other Gods of Destruction attacking him simultaneously. Even Champa, one of the strongest beings in any universe is inferior to Beerus in strength. Beerus has mastered Ultra Instinct and is far more adept at it than Goku would ever be.

Gods of Destruction of Dragon Ball

Although he could be caught off-guard, his mastery over the skill that gives Goku an advantage since Beerus has been practicing it for more than 75 Million Years, is what makes him a freak of the universe. Beerus also has other attacks in his belt that give him a competitive edge. As a God, Beerus possesses the power of Hakai. Hakai gives God the ability to disintegrate anything into dust once he performs the Hakai ritual. While fighting Super Saiyan God Goku, Beerus never even met with a scratch. Ultra Instinct Goku will not be that difficult for him to take down if need be.

 5. Jiren

Characters Who Can Defeat Goku

Jiren is considered even by the Angels as the World’s Most Powerful Mortal whose power might also transcend that of a God of Destruction. His aura is so strong that once he powers up, it could be felt by beings in another universe. Jiren belongs to the Pride Troopers of Universe 11 and is their strongest member. Granted Jiren and Goku have fought in the Tournament of Power Goku never really did manage to defeat Jiren, only coming as close to landing the killing punch before his Ultra Instinct ran out of steam.

Dragon Ball Characters stronger Than Gods of Destruction

Jiren may even be holding back. After all, he has a history of not unleashing his true strength. In addition to all that there are also the limitations of the Tournament of Power which restrict Jiren from using many of his techniques. If given a chance, Jiren could take down Goku just by dragging out the fight till Goku’s Ultra Instinct times out.

 6. The Grand Priest

Characters Who Can Defeat Goku

The Grand Priest is the most powerful Angel. He is also the father of Whis, Vados, Marcarita, Martinu, and Kusu, all-powerful Angels who now serve the Gods of Destruction as their Angel Attendants. As the Attendant to Zeno, the grand Priest or the Grand Minister holds a level of power that far exceeds that of an Ultra Instinct Goku. While Goku has recently learned Ultra Instinct, the Grand Priest practically was born with it.

His power level, as claimed by Whis, puts him at the top 5 most powerful beings in the whole Multi-Verse. There is nothing in this world or the next that the Grand Priest cannot defeat. He also holds a special form of teleportation technique that provides him with instant access to all realms and dimensions.

 7. Dragon God Zalama

Dragons are a now-extinct race in the Dragon Ball Universe. They are ancient beings of pure magic who are able to bend the very fabric of time, space and reality to grant any wish a person asks for. We all know Shenron, the once that came first and started it all. But in the race of Dragons, the first of their kind was Dragon God Zalama. Zalama’s power is very potent. Some claim that the amount of magic he has access to is almost equal to Zeno. Zalama may not be a fighter but he does not need to be. With his magic, he has reversed the decisions of Zeno, which is not an easy feat to accomplish. Goku might be strong but he does not even hold a candle to Zalama’s level of power.

 8. Zeno

Zeno is the Oni-King. He is the one above all. When there is someone who’s very arrival sends chills down Beerus’ spine, you know this guy means business. Zeno is the Lord of all universes. He created the 18 original universes, six of which he destroyed while having a temper tantrum. Zeno can easily take down the Angels and even the Grand Priest, who are a dozen times more powerful than Goku.

Beerus claims that Zeno is not much of a fighter but he never needed to learn the art of combat simply because the guy has the ultimate magical power within his grasp. With one flick of his finger, Zeno holds the ability to destroy entire star systems and galaxies. What could Goku really do against the Omni King??

 9. Omni King’s Guards

We do not know much about the Omni King’s Guards. Their abilities remain shrouded in mystery. But since they have the important job of guarding the Omni King against all threats, we can assume that they are nigh God-like entities. The pair of guards has extremely menacing-looking expressions on their faces and follows Zeno everywhere. They have a special warp ability that allows them to traverse dimensions and realms in a split second. They were able to stop the likes of Goku in his tracks when he was approaching Zeno. Even with Goku’s Ultra Instinct, there is no chance that he could take down the Omni King Guards.

 10. Future Warrior

The Future Warrior makes an appearance in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2. The reason we are forced to mention a non-canon character is that the guy is just too good. Future Warrior’s strength was so potent that even Whis and Beerus were impressed by the level of power he held. One of the most impossible feats the Future Warrior holds is that he was able to take down Whis – an Angel Attendant, on his own. Whis even sensed the God Ki-in him and offered a position to become the next potential candidate for Universe 7’s God of Destruction. Future Warrior is said to have achieved the power level of Super Saiyan God and is thus on par or even more powerful than most Gods of Destruction in the Dragon Ball Universe.

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