10 Richest DC Super Villains – Ranked

Richest DC Super Villains:

Superheroes have their superpowers. What do super villains have? The answer is simple – money and power. Some are born great. Some people have greatness thrust upon them. For Super-Villains, the definition of greatness starts and ends with wealth! The more money you have, the more powerful you are. Does crime pay? For these supervillains, it sure does look like it. Many Super-Villains of DC Comics are of a cosmic nature so estimating their total worth might be a bit troublesome. But we have done what we can to guess who is worth how much. And trust us, the results might astound you!!

 10. The Penguin – 150 Million Dollars

Richest DC Super Villains

The Penguin’s real name is Oswald Cobblepot. He was born with a deformity in his leg and every person he was friends with picked on him because of his disability. He used that to his advantage, making him look a harmless bystander who would get close to his enemies and waits for the perfect moment to strike. The Penguin has taken over the Crime Syndicate that rules Gotham City on more than one occasion. With his huge reserves of money, he has funded assassinations as well as political campaigns for the candidates of his choice. He has been ousted out of power multiple times because of Batman’s actions but that has had no significant impact on his wealth.

 9. Carmine Falcone – 300 Million Dollars

Kinds of Magic in Marvel

Carmine Falcone is the legendary leader of one of the most powerful and wealthiest crime families in Gotham City. As the commander in chief of the Falcone family, Carmine Falcone is blessed with a tremendous amount of resources. He has connections to several officials around the country, who are slaves to his deep pockets. Carmine Falcone was the one who took the Falcone family to new heights after he came to power. He is also the longest-running leader of Organized Crime Mafia of Gotham City before Batman toppled his empire and he was made to go on the run.

 8. Ra’s Al Ghul – 1 Billion Dollars

Richest DC Super Villains

The supervillain called the Ra’s Al Ghul aka The Demon’s Head is a long-time foe of the Batman. Using the Lazarus Pit, Ra’s Al Ghul has beaten death in its own game and achieved immortality. Using his enormous lifespan, Ra’s Al Ghul has started a criminal organization called League of Assassins. He is their leader and his followers are trained in the art of assassination, carrying out several assassinations missions all over the globe for which they are paid handsome amounts. Most of that amount goes into Ra’s Al Ghul’s pockets, who use it to fund the organization. When not training assassins, Ra’s Al Ghul engages in collecting priceless artworks and jewels, which he stores in his vault. The combined assets of Ra’a Al Ghul, if you count the vast treasure as well as his Lazarus Pits, will be just around a billion dollars.

 7. Maxwell Lord – 4 Billion Dollars

Richest DC Super Villains

Maxwell Lord is pretty much a James Bond Villain. He always tries to get under the skin of the Justice League. And his methods are very far-fetched but they always almost seem to work. For example – his method of defeating the Justice league was mind-controlling them. Yeah, that’s how crazy his schemes are. Maxwell Lord was born to a very rich and influential family. He had shown a tremendous aptitude for business and financial acumen when he was a child. Under his leadership, his organization grew even more powerful and stronger. Maxwell Lord believes that money is the answer to all the problems and woes the world has.

 6. Simon Stagg – 4 Billion Dollars

If a Super Villain was a supervillain because of his wealth, it had to be Simon Stagg. He does not have a genius-level IQ nor does he have immortality or any other superpower. He was just born rich. As the sole heir to Stagg Industries, a multi-billion dollar weapons complex, the guy is known as Simon Stagg has only grown in power and influence ever since he took leadership of his company. He is best known for being the arch-nemesis of Metamorpho aka Rex Mason. He was the one who sent Rex to Egypt and arranged for the accident that turned Rex into a superhero. Simon Stagg is super protective of his daughter Sapphire and will go to any lengths to protect her.

 5. Ozymandias – 7 Billion Dollars

Ozymandias may be born a superhero. But he soon became a villain after staging a false flag attack that killed more than 3 Million People over the globe. When he was a kid, Ozymandias inherited a fortune that ranged in several billion. But he gave away that fortune to charity and decided to have a humble beginning and a normal childhood. After graduating with the highest of honors and degrees, Ozymandias used his genius-level intellect and IQ to start an empire that rivaled that of his parents. Eventually, he became even richer than what his parental fortune was worth. He had since used his fortune for the greater good of mankind until he lost his way and hatched a plan to kill too many people and blame it on Doctor Manhattan.

 4. Black Adam – 12 Billion Dollars

Facts About Black Adam

Black Adam is thousands of years old. But that is not the reason why he is on this list. The real reason Black Adam is worth 8 Billion Dollars is that he is royalty. He is the ruler of an entire Kingdom called Kahndaq. After deposing a military dictatorship, Black Adam has taken over the tiny but mineral-rich North African Nation that he rules with an Iron Fist. His subjects love him because he actually cares for them and protects them from outside invaders, something their previous ruler did not care about. Black Adam’s treasury has swollen up thanks to revenue generated by Kahndaq. We could have placed him higher on the list but information about Kahndaq is very little and scarce. So we have put his net worth at a conservative estimate of 12 billion.

 3. Vandal Savage – 20 Billion Dollars

Richest DC Super Villains

Vandal Savage is another immortal that has lived for several millennia, unlike Ra’s Al Ghul who is just centuries old. Vandal Savage was born as Vandar Adg. He was a proto-human with Cro-Magnon roots. When a mysterious meteor crashed on Earth, the radiation from the meteor gave Vandar Odg heightened level of intelligence that far surpassed that of even modern age human beings. It also gave him the power of immortality. Vandal Savage has a lot of experience which he has used to create a business empire that has a worth that cannot be measured since most of it remains unknown to date. Vandal Savage has been a dictator, tyrant and has held positions of power throughout the ages, so his pockets are huge.

 2. Lex Luthor – 75 Billion Dollars

Strongest Enemies of Justice League

Starting from defense to real estate and from health care to education and the automobile industry, Lex Luthor has a stake in almost every major industry in literally every economic field and discipline. Lex Luthor has is a self-made man. The Billions of Dollars he has earned is all because of his own hard work. Using his genius-level intelligence and his tremendous focus to achieve his goals (and by any means necessary), Lex Luthor has become one of the most powerful men on Earth. He is not just wealthy. He also has deep connections with the US Military and with several political officials in the most powerful of places.

 1. Darkseid – Estimated Wealth Unknown

Strongest Enemies of Justice League

He is the King of the New God planet Apokolips. Throughout his tenure, Apokolips has only grown bigger and better. All Darkseid has ever wanted was total universal domination and he would settle for nothing less. The Empire of Apokolips spans several galaxies and commands countless civilizations and planets that serve his bidding. So it is safe to say that when it comes to money and resources, Darkseid has never experienced a lack of both. He has the strength of Superman, is a gazillion time richer than Batman and is probably the greatest DC Villain after the Joker. His pockets are virtually limitless.

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