10 Most Despicable Acts of The Sentry That Will Make You Throw up

Despicable Acts of The Sentry:

The Sentry is Marvel’s answer to DC’s Superman. The Sentry is Superman if he was deranged, had multiple personalities and was highly mentally unstable. The Sentry has been involved in a lot of Marvel storylines and has become a fan-favorite character. But did you know that he has also been a threat and a danger to people around him? Some of his acts are very morally questionable and nasty. Marvel’s most powerful superhero is also its most unpredictable supervillain.

 1. Killed a God in Cold Blood

Strongest Avenger Returns as Evil Super-Villain

The Sentry has a lot of Darkness in him. He battles evil on a daily basis both externally and internally. The demonic psyche of Robert Reynolds that he strives to keep at bay every day so that this entity called the Void does not take over his body and kill innocent people takes a toll on him. One day, he finally lets it take over. After being manipulated by Norman Osborn and being lied to and used for so long, Robert has had enough. The Siege story arc is one of Sentry’s darkest moments. He not only unleashed his entire potential and wreaked havoc on New Asgard but also fought Ares, the Greek God of War. Ares was nonetheless taunting the guy but what Sentry did next was even more deplorable. He took Ares and ripped him in half with his bare hands to send out a message to everyone – Do not mess with the Sentry when he is angry.

 2. Tortures his wife

Despicable Acts of The Sentry

There have been a lot of convoluted and twisted relationships in the pages of the comic books. But if you think the story of Hank Pym and the Wasp is crazy, we give you Robert and Linda Reynolds. The wife of the Sentry has suffered as much, maybe even more than Robert himself. At one point of time, Robert believed that the Void took over his body and killed Linda, the love of his life. This led to the Sentry locking himself up in isolation for a long period of time. Another point of time, the void actually tried to kill Linda so she had to escape him. After the Sentry disobeys Norman Osborn and kills a lot of innocent people, Norman orders Bullseye to kill Linda in retaliation. Linda was also once brought back from the dead by the Sentry’s powers for another round of crazy, twisted story-telling.

 3. Destroyed Asgard

Despicable Acts of The Sentry

As we said, the Siege storyline was one of the Sentry’s darkest moments. He unleashed his true power in the world. And New Asgard – Thor’s new home floating over American Grounds at Oklahoma, bore the brunt of that ordeal. The Sentry single-handedly killed hundreds of Asgardians. No matter which superhero or supervillain stood in his way, the Sentry traded fists with everyone and nobody lived to tell the tale. New Asgard was in ruins and the Sentry was responsible for it. Asgard was destroyed before that, which is why Thor took the Asgardians to found a new home in New Asgard. Now that too was destroyed. The Sentry dashed the hopes of an almost extinct civilization to recoup and rebuild their kind.

 4. Killed his best friend

Sentry Marvel Cinematic Universe

Sentry does not have a lot of friends. He is a recluse who considers him-self a danger and the world sees him as one too. So when we say that the Sentry has a side0kick, you may think that we might be kidding. But he actually has one. His name is Billy Turner aka the Scout. And keeping up to his unpredictability, the Sentry has also killed him in single combat. It was partly Billy’s fault too. He was trying to use a pocket dimension to trap Robert in and take his Sentry Powers. In the nick of time, the Void took over and first crushed Scout’s hands and then went on to beat him to death in the most merciless fashion imaginable.

 5. Joined Hands with Apocalypse Twins

The Apocalypse Twins intended to travel to the dawn of time and rewrite the fate of the Universe. They were powerful supervillains that had the strength, means, and resources to get the job done. But the superheroes were not going to just let them do whatever they want no matter how strong they were. The Apocalypse Twins knew that dealing with the Avengers and the X-Men will be a nuisance. So they used a Celestial Egg and brought the Sentry into their fold. The Sentry became the new Horseman of Death. It is a different thing that the Sentry was defeated by the Wasp later but he had already helped the Twins do a lot of damage before his eventual defeat.

 6. Beat the living hell out of the Avengers

Sentry Marvel Cinematic Universe

In the Siege Storyline, the Sentry’s mad rampage across Asgard was met with resistance from the Avengers. We all know that even though the Avengers have the Hulk and Thor, the Sentry will still go through them like hot knife through butter. It was only because of a last-ditch effort using magic that the Sentry could be brought down to his knees otherwise like Ares, the Avengers also would have faced a death unseen and unlike another. What makes it even worse is that the Sentry knew the Avengers were no match for him but he still went in with full force to fight them.

 7. Member of the Dark Avengers team

Sentry Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Dark Avengers were the team that was formed by and under the control of Norman Osborn. After Norman became the President of the United States and the Avengers were forced to either disband or go underground, Norman made a team out of supervillains with similar powers and skills as the superheroes. But the team needed to superhero to provide it with some good PR. So Norman asked the Sentry to join and he accepted. The Sentry never knew he was being used by Norman to cement his rule over the most powerful nation on the planet. He did pay a terrible price when Norman had his wife murdered but we believe it was too little, too late for repentance and redemption.

 8. Prone to Rampages

Despicable Acts of The Sentry

The Sentry is a one-man weapon of mass destruction. He is a time bomb ticking towards his way to the explosion. The guy has been involved in numerous despicable acts. And most of these acts are him being set loose on someplace or something and expected to kill and destroy anything he finds like a rabid dog. In the Utopia Storyline, the Sentry attacks the X-Men facility called Utopia and defeats Emma Frost. In the Siege Storyline, he devastates New Asgard. During the World War Hulk story arc, he was sent in to contain the Hulk but started losing control and almost destroyed the City of New York before the Hulk managed to stop him in his tracks.

 9. He is a Drug Addict

Despicable Acts of The Sentry

Did you know that Robert Reynolds became the Sentry because of his addiction to drugs?? We never knew that vices and sins could be the reason for someone gaining superpowers. Now before you start scramming to get a syringe or some glue to sniff, the Sentry did not gain his powers from conventional drugs. The Scientist that tricked Robert into injecting him-self with the Serum that was developed by the former had lied to him by saying that it was a powerful hallucinogenic drug. The Sentry destroys the Scientist’s laboratory and kills three of his associates after he loses control of his powers.

 10. Manipulated the memories of the entire human population

Sentry Marvel Most Powerful Superhero

An obese and lazy man, Robert Reynolds once woke up from his slumber on his rocking chair to realize that he has the powers of a million exploding suns. He used that power to become the Sentry and did a lot of good things for the world. Humanity was saved many times thanks to the actions of the Sentry. But weirdly nobody knew about the Sentry, which struck him as odd. Surely somebody knew about him or must recognize Sentry. After a vigorous round of investigation, Robert realized that it was he who had wiped the memories of the entire world to stop the Void entity from taking over. The more he used his powers, the more the Void grew powerful. So to ensure nobody in the world knew that he as powers (including him-self) which was the only way to stop the void from taking control, he mind-wiped the memories of an entire world.

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