Marvel Comics Reveals Venom’s Reproduction System Can Predict The Future

We have already talked about so many theories of Venom and his origin stories in such extreme detail. But this one is surely new for us. The big reveal that Venom has one more superpower that was there all along but never came into our notice astounds everyone. Venom is one of the greatest superheroes of Marvel Comics. But he is a little too harsh on the top floor. Nobody thought a jar-head like Venom could have had such an epic trick up his sleeve. What other tricks does he have? His reproduction system can somehow predict the fate of the universe. Let us stick to that topic for now. Presenting – Marvel Comics reveals Venom’s Reproduction System can predict the Future!!!

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Venom #20. Enter at your own risk…..

The Symbiotes belong to a planet called Klyntar. They were once a race created by Knull, the God of Symbiotes who resided in the darkness that existed before the Big Bang. After Knull was defeated and trapped by the Celestials in an eternal prison, the Symbiotes lost their sole purpose for which they were created and spread out into the universe looking for a new meaning to live. They could possess hosts and grant them crazy superhuman abilities in exchange for sustenance that the hosts’ body would provide to them. The Venom Symbiote came to Earth and first clung to Peter Parker. Then he found his true host in Eddie Brock and the rest is history.

Venom’s Reproduction System

The Symbiotes can reproduce asexually, meaning that they do not need another male or female symbiote to hook up make another little symbiote. Each Symbiote, after a particular period of time, produces enough biological material to produce another off-spring. Venom has given birth to many such off-springs, the most famous amongst them being Carnage – the proverbial rotten apple that fell far from the tree. Venom’s recent most off-spring is a being called the Sleeper, who is not that evil as Carnage.

Facts about Carnage

What the fans believed till now is that Venom actually reproduced at his own leisure. There was no routine or pattern to it. Whenever a writer felt like it, Venom would reproduce. But it is only now that Marvel Comics revealed through the 20th issue of Venom that there is more to that story than what meets the eye. The Maker – the Evil Reed Richards of the Ultimates Universe, is working on something called Project Oversight.

Project Oversight is aimed at using the Venom symbiote, his son called Dylan, and the primordial genetic material in the form of codex samples that the Maker gathered by capturing other symbiotes, and combining them with the synthetic Venom symbiote of the Ultimates Universe that came into the mainstream Universe via the Maker’s trials. While he intended to use the combined symbiote to find his way back to his own universe, he found some really fascinating insights with respect to Venom’s reproduction systems.

Venom’s Reproduction System

The Maker saw a pattern. Venom only reproduced when there was a huge threat looming over the Horizon. The Maker is of the opinion that all of the Symbiote’s procreate as a defence mechanism to increase their progeny’s chances to survive. He still does not know how the Venom Symbiote or any Symbioe for that matter does it. But he has seen a pattern. Carnage was born before the Infinity Gauntlet Saga. Toxin cane before Avengers: Disassambled. Scorn debuted right before the events of Chaos War. The latest addition to Venom’s off-springs – Sleeper, was born right before the awakening of the Grendel and the escape of Knull from his eternal prison.

Since the Maker is probably the smartest version of Reed Richards throughout the Multi Verse, with Reed Richards being one of the smartest beings in the Universe to ever exist, we can take his word for it. Every time Venom decides to have some “me-time”, the Universe might be coming to an end very shortly after-wards. Now that Dylan, Venom’s own child is also there in Marvel Comics, is it safe to assume that something bigger and more sinister is about to take the Marvel Universe by storm? Only time can tell us that answer.

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