5 Most CONTROVERSIAL Couples From Marvel And DC You Don’t Know About

Comic books are known to explore and break different aspects of societal norms, sometimes as an example and sometimes just to make characters and plot lines interesting. There have been many questionable pairings through the years, but a few have been standouts. Here are the five most controversial couples in Marvel and DC comics:

Ms. Marvel And Marcus

5 Most CONTROVERSIAL Couples You Need To Know In Marvel And DC

Marcus, son of Ms. Marvel’s long-time enemy Immortus had a disturbing obsession with the hero. After weeks of wooing her did not work, Marcus used his father’s machines to seduce and impregnate Carol aka Ms. Marvel. She returned to Earth pregnant with no prior memories in the Avengers headquarters and soon gives birth to…Marcus? The villain had impregnated Carol with his clone, to lay a sick claim on the hero. She ends up falling for her [rapidly fast growing baby]Marcus and follows him back to his home planet. And all the while, Marvel’s teammates do nothing but wave goodbye to Carol as she goes off to space with her rapist.

Dick Grayson And Helena Wayne

Helena Wayne is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman in an alternate universe. Although Helena and Dick Grayson are not blood-related, they were raised together like step siblings. So their relationship could be viewed as somewhat incestuous, given that their father figure is the same man aka Bruce Wayne.

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