5 Most CONTROVERSIAL Couples From Marvel And DC You Don’t Know About

Scarlet Witch And The Vision

Scarlet witch and The Vision’s relationship disturbed a lot of readers, mainly for the fact that The Vision was actually a robot. The duo even got married and had children, with only two opposition to the coupling from Hawkeye who was in love with Wanda and her brother Quicksilver. Wanda went on to have two children with Vision but it was soon revealed that the children were actually fragments of the demon Mephisto’s soul which Wanda’s powers had transformed into babies.She spiraled out of control killing Hawkeye and her husband Vision.

The Joker And Harley Quinn

The pairing of Harley with The Joker was a controversial one from the beginning of their courtship. Harley was Dr. Harleen Quinzel, a psychiatrist working in Arkham Asylum. After treating The Joker, she fell in love with the villain. He proceeded to manipulate her both physically and mentally as the relationship between the two became nearly an obsession. Due to their unhealthy and abusive relationship, the duo has become an infamous and controversial pairing.

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