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The Secret Meaning That Joker’s Riddle In The Batman Had

The Batman managed to introduce us to a completely different rendition of DC’s greatest detective. While the movie worked on Batman during his early years of run, it also managed to give us a look at Gotham and how it worked. Some of the most essential characters ended up making some rather significant appearances in the movie with a reference to what we can expect from the franchise in the future. One rather surprising appearance was from the clown prince, Joker himself as he ends up appearing in the cell next to the Riddler. Joker’s riddle in The Batman has a secret second answer that can actually change the entire meaning of his appearance in the movie.

The Batman

We got to witness a Batman that was struggling between his life as Bruce Wayne and the caped crusader. This was causing some major problems for him as he didn’t know how to handle his persona and this allowed the villains to have an upper hand on him. The Riddler still manages to stay a step ahead of Batman throughout the movie and it clearly proves that Batman still requires a lot of experience. Some may have wondered if we might get to see the Court of Owls arc being picked in the movie but that might be a lot more dangerous for our caped crusader right now.

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While we might not get the Court of Owls right away, we did manage to get a very interesting character being brought into these movies. Right around the end of the movie Joker ends up appearing in the cell next to the Riddler and it doesn’t just end there. The two have an exchange that might have grave implications for the future of Gotham as they talk about working together. Joker ends up giving a riddle to the Riddler: “the less of them you have, the more one is worth“. It is a quite simple riddle and the Riddle instantly responds in an optimistic tone, “friend“. But could it have another answer that might have a wholly different meaning than this?

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The Second Answer To Joker’s Riddle In The Batman

While Riddler’s answer is what we would have thought of too, it might not be that the Joker meant something else entirely. Joker is known for being an agent of chaos and even though he has been associated with other villains he can alone cause sufficient damage. There is a chance that the answer to his riddle could have been “a Joker” or something similar to that. This actually makes for a lot more daunting response and somehow fits the tone of the movie. Another reason this makes sense is that the riddle was a reply to being asked to identify himself.

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Joker is known for being a wild card and this response would actually make some sense. While the Riddler is definitely able to solve riddles better but he might not have any idea regarding Joker. This could actually be a means for Joker to assert dominance over the Riddler by using a riddle to answer his question. Later when the duo starts laughing following the Riddler’s response it makes for a rather sinister move from the Joker. It is here that Joker might have gotten an idea about the desperate circumstance of the Riddler and thus mocked it with his laughter. Now he knows that he can use the Riddler with the idea of being a friend to work his own means.

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Joker’s Riddle In The Batman

The scene is something that has a very different tone compared to the rest of the movie and thus fans are left wondering about what it could mean. If the sequel actually invests in this second meaning to the riddle then it might end up making some sense. There was another deleted scene that saw the Joker actually being consulted by Batman himself and there is a chance it is right here that Joker would have been intrigued by this new villain in Gotham. He might have started chalking out a plan ever since then in order to use the Riddler to his benefit for bringing back chaos in Gotham.

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