8 Movie Mistakes Made by Marvel Studios

When it comes to big banners there is bound to be a slip here or there. Same goes when it comes to Marvel movies, though it might be a blink and miss but I’m sure most of you wouldn’t have noticed these mistakes. Read on and find out what you missed:

The Avengers:

A small continuity error in the Avengers movie happens just after the second engine goes down on the SHIELD’s Helicarrier. The visual display in Iron Man’s helmet shows the altitude of the Helicarrier being 15026 ft. and rapidly falling, however, right after Phil Coulson shoots Loki with the Destroyer gun, the altitude on the Helicarrier’s bridge shows it as being at 18,000 feet.

Guardians of the Galaxy

When Peter Quill and Gamora first encounter one another and get into the fight on the planet of Xandar , Gamora grabs the Infinity Orbit that Quill was carrying and takes off. Quill throws a laser lasso device at Gamora which nooses her legs causing her to trip over, she removes it and in the following scene the lasso has vanished. We understand being laser it could have dissolute, but shouldn’t the mechanical parts be left behind.


Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead interrupted the Merc, Colossus handcuffs himself to Deadpool in order to recruit him to the X-Men, Deadpool outright refuses and goes as far as to cut off his whole left hand in order to escape the mutant clutches. However, as Deadpool falls from the bridge to a truck below on the freeway, it shows his right hand that seems to be missing.

The Amazing Spiderman

After being bitten by a radio-active spider in Oscorp, Peter takes a subway to get home. During the journey he discovers he developed spider-like ability such as sharp senses, incredible reflexes, super speed and the ability to stick to things inadvertently, this gets him into a fight and at one point a passenger uses Peters skateboard to hit him, the passenger in question is a black gentleman in green t-shirt and a split-second later he seems to have shifted to a white guy wearing checkered shirt.


The principle of size manipulation is said to work on the basis of space between molecule altering, space decreases for shrinking and increases for enlargement. Which means the object will weigh the same regardless of their size, therefore Scott Lang couldn’t ride an ant without crushing it and Hank couldn’t walk around with 60-ton tank in his pocket.

Ghost Rider

Right at the beginning of the movie Idris Elba is riding a motorcycle with the license plate number NC-5 753-T, however, moments later when he rides along the stone road leading to the monastery right before he crosses the two guards, the license plate reads the same number plate but written backward.

Blade Trinity

After being framed for killing a human, Blade is arrested by the police and later handed over to Federal agents who in actuality are vampires. After being rescued by Hannibal king and Abigal Whistler, during his escape he goes to higher floors of the police stations to find his sword, he reemerges after crash landing on the floor breaking the glass. However, in the next scene when he stands upright the glass is no more seen scattered on the floor.

Captain America: Civil War

Just when Spiderman makes his big entrance at the German Airport, he is seen relieving Captain America of his shield using the web, however, in the following scene when he lands on top of the vehicle the webbing is gone.

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