4 Bad-Ass Members of Thor Corps You May Not Know

Thor of the future, Dargo Ktor, was deceived by Zarrko to travel back into the past to fight with the present Thor, Eric Masterson. Meanwhile, another hammer-wielding character Beta Ray Bill comes in the scene and stop the purposeless fight between the two, forming a group, Thor Corps. Created by Tom DeFalco and Pat Olliffe, the group first appeared in Thor #440 in 1991 and last appeared in Thor Corps #4 in 1993. Though we might have forgotten this god-level group, check out the four members of the group you don’t know about.

 1. Thor Odinson

The God of Thunder is the blood-son of Odinson, All-Father of Asgardians and Jord. His powers were driven from the Asgards and Midgards. Odin brought Jord to a cave in Norway she gave birth to Thor. After that, He was brought to Asgard and introduces him to his wife Frigga as his mother. Years later he finds that she is not her birth mother.

2. Beta Ray Bill

Created by Walter Simonson, a Korbinite, Beta Ray Bill first appeared in the Thor #337 in 1983. His inception follows a story when Surtur and his Demons destroyed The Burning Galaxy after which Korbinites want a champion to lead them to victory. And there comes Beta Ray Will, who later becomes a fierce creature and a cybernetic being.

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