Bond 25: Here’s How Safin Won In No Time To Die

No Time To Die followed into some of the most essential tropes that the Bond franchise has had over the years but at the same time gave us a wholly original narrative. The movie featured a villain with a visible scar on the face, something we have seen in previous bond films. It marked the final outing for Daniel Craig’s iteration of the British spy. But unlike most Bond films the narrative was something that has evolved a lot. This is something in common with most of Daniel Craig’s James Bond films. We could see that there were various circumstances that are clear hints of this massive change we have gotten to experience over the years. But this movie has an interesting detail that could mean that Bond actually lost in front of his enemy. If you think about it, Safin was actually successful with most of his plans. Here’s how Safin won in No Time To Die.

No Time To Die

The 25th James Bond feature, No Time To Die, is also one of the most interesting additions to the franchise. After a massive number of delays, the movie finally arrived in cinema halls in September 2021. It marked Craig’s fifth take on the role and as usual, it was quite different from the previous Bond films with different stars in terms of the narrative and the action. The movie took some massive liberties from the formula of the 007 films we have witnessed previously. Most interestingly, we see Bond sacrifice himself in order to save the lives of innocent civilians, his love. and also his daughter.


But it seems this is not the only Bond movie rule that the ending of the film breaks. It actually marks the first time that a Bond villain actually successfully fulfilled his plans based on a theory. Even though Safin’s prime motivation was to release his experimental nanobots on the world and cause a large number of causality amongst the people. This was only secondary considering the character was more driven by the motive of getting revenge on Madeleine. But that’s something almost all of the Bond villains might have in common considering they are all driven by the idea of vengeance. This time around the villain was actually successful in getting revenge by keeping Bond and Madeleine apart as Bond dies in the end.


Safin’s True Motives

Safin’s plans began quite a long time before the Craig’s Bond went for his mission in the first Craig-led feature Casino Royale. Safin also has a survivor based on the fact that his parents were killed by SPECTRE operative, Mr. White. He is driven by vowing his vengeance on SPECTRE and Madeleine’s father Mr. White and that is exactly where we see the story start in No Time To Die. Another one of his plans involves killing a mass of the world’s population using millions of nanobots as a part of his revenge schemes. But a new theory suggests that the latter was only a means of holding the world hostage so that he can get Bond to sacrifice himself.


How Safin Won in No Time To Die

Safin uses the nanobots to kill the SPECTRE operatives in a single move and this actually ends up saving Bond in one instance. He then gets Madeleine to infect Blofeld with the same nanobots. This is a clear hint at the fact that Safin’s primary motive still was revenge and he has been so far successful with that. Madeleine was supposed to kill Blofeld, but Bond himself ended fulfilling that mission for Safin. It seems that Bond was merely a pawn in Safin’s plans of getting revenge on SPECTRE. But it also seems that Bond’s death played into Safin’s plans as well.


The ending of the movie still sees Madeleine and her daughter losing Bond. This was a part of Safin’s revenge against Mr. White. The nanobots were mainly a part of the old formulaic world domination plans of James Bond villains. Even though Safin also dies in the end, we can clearly understand that according to this theory, he actually succeeds in his plans of keeping Bond and Madeleine apart. Safin had the last laugh while we all cried for Bond!

What were your thoughts on Bond’s final sacrifice? Do you think he should have tried to leave the island and live his life while staying away from his family? Let us know in the comments.

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