6 Times Comic Books Predicted “The Future”

While comic books regularly mirror the world as it is – the X-Men served as a representation for the social equality development and Superman was an analogy for the exceptionalism of the American individuals. A few of them have delineated particular future occasions with such clarity, you’d be excused for imagining that they were the journals of Nostradamus. Here are 6 Times Comic Books Predicted the Future

National Comics #18

It Predicted Pearl Harbour a Month Early

This one is inexplicable to the point that it’s absolute unpleasant. National Comics was a profoundly energetic title with none other than Uncle Sam as the lead character. Be that as it may, in 1941, the US had yet to enter the real war and as opposed to reflecting genuine occasions the title was for the most part upbeat to just show solidarity with neighborly countries.

A 1964 issue of Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane

It Predicted 3D Printing


3D printing is still in its earliest stages, yet is quickly being created because of the apparently endless viable applications. In 1964 the possibility of a quick prototype or 3-D printer was past creative visualization. In the comic, Superman states “…it’s a processing machine which creates busts from photo-images! See?” which is presumably how you’d portray a 3-D printer to your granny. The procedure is even amazingly comparable, with the bust being made apparently made one layer at once from a base material.

A 1986 Superman story

It Predicted the Challenger Disaster

In 1986 Superman was amidst an innovative occasion that is as yet being discussed right up ’til today. John Byrne was upgrading Superman, making him more available for the group of onlookers of the eighties. In his first issue, Superman would make his introduction by sparing a Nasa space carry from slamming, guaranteeing he turned into an overnight sensation. In any case, as John Byrne was adding the last touches to his new comic book, space carry Challenger detonated soon after it propelled, with all team appallingly lost in the blast.

Archie comics in 1972

It predicted the rise of digital music

The Future

While they might not have dependably been so quick to look to the future, in 1972 they inadvertently made electronic music, kind of. Archie is taken forty years into the future, since comic books, and Archie witnesses “PC Music”, electronically made music which imparted much to dubstep.

1985 Issue of X-Men

It predicted 9/11

Comic Books

In 1985, X-Men comics were incredibly well known and had as of late presented the clairvoyant little girl of Scott Summers and Jean Gray from what’s to come. In one of her first missions, she is engaging the Hellfire Club and is attempting to adjust to her surroundings in New York as it had been a no man’s land in her time. The Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre were all the while standing, however in her time they had been wrecked in a dread assault.

1997 Issue of Wonder Woman

It predicted the Death of Princess Diana


Essentially every superhero has kicked the bucket and been restored at some time, it’s something of a transitional experience. In 1997 Wonder Woman’s number was up and she fell into a trance-like a state, passed on, and turned into a goddess on Olympus. Nothing excessively prophetic there, until you read the multiple occasions she’s alluded to not by her superhero name, but rather by her genuine title of Princess Diana of Themyscira.

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