Baron Zemo Sets Up Doctor Doom And Latveria’s Introduction In The MCU

Baron Zemo revealing that Sokovia is being overtaken by neighboring countries can be the perfect way of introducing Latveria and Doctor Doom into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier expanded the MCU through the global effects of The Blip. The GRC was working during the series to pass the Patch Act. It was meant to restore traditional border regulations so that things can go back to normal.

But in the final episode of the Disney+ series, Sam’s speech forced them to adjust their plans and policies. The post-Blip world still has many similar issues as pointed out by Karli Morgenthau and Sam Wilson during The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Zemo has been another aspect of the series that introduced a more global outlook with Baron introducing heroes to Madripoor. Madripoor was actually introduced as a place where the Flag-Smashers went when they lost their homes.

Most of the MCU fans are excited about the introduction of Madripoor since it has ties to mutants in the comics. Zemo also made a comment to Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson related to the aftermath of the Battle of Sokovia. And now, that could lead us to Latveria.

Has Zemo set up as fitting introduction for Latveria and Doctor Doom?

Although no country has been specifically referenced, this can be the best opportunity to introduce Latveria and tease the villainous Doctor Doom. Latveria and Sokovia are Eastern European countries. This means Latveria surely has the potential for being one of the countries taking advantage of the destruction of Sokovia. Depending on how he would be introduced, Doctor Doom might be a citizen of Latveria or already the ruler.

The introduction of Latveria will be the perfect way to start building the groundwork for Doctor Doom and through him the Fantastic Four. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier showed that Madripoor is never explicitly tied with the mutants. But fans are excited to know about the potential of the country. Madripoor is an essential part of mutant, mainly in the Wolverine lore. The Easter eggs spotted by fans in Episode 3 can be a way to start building mutants into the MCU world.

By introducing a location to tease new aspects of the MCU, the groundwork has been laid for a place to initially introduce a few of the highly anticipated Marvel characters. If MCU wishes to continue following this path, bringing Latveria into the picture can be the best way to start setting up the world-building for the Fantastic Four. According to the comics, Victor Von Doom was actually from Latveria before his father fled with him. After many years, Doctor Doom returned to overthrow the country’s leadership.

Doctor Doom took over the country and used its resources to expand his plans for global domination. MCU has the chance to introduce Doctor Doom as a character that has been working to build up his power during the Infinity Saga. He later becomes a major threat as the ruler of Latveria. He has the abilities of a sorcerer and is a scientific genius. He can be an antagonist for most of the MCU heroes.

The Fantastic Four was officially announced at the 2020 Disney Investor Day presentation. Doctor Doom is also rumored to make his MCU debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. If he appears in the Black Panther sequel, this will mean that he is already too powerful, possibly already ruling over Latveria. Being a brilliant scientist and skilled sorcerer, he is a legitimate menace. But he becomes a bigger threat globally with an army and country behind him.

Zemo lamenting the loss of Sokovia is the best chance to start setting the stage for new Marvel characters that have been anticipated by the fans since the acquisition by Fox. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier showed that introducing locations with already existing characters can be an opportunity to tease the characters that are yet to come. Since most of the heroes are now concerned with the threats from the cosmic and other sides of the MCU, this can be the best way to start introducing a few of these newly acquired Marvel characters.


MCU is now expanding the already existing world in Phase 4 with the multiverse, more magic and the upcoming introduction of Fantastic Four along with mutants. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier showed that the one way to start the world building process is to use the popular locations linked to these characters and their lore. Madripoor was never linked to mutants in the Disney+ series; this is a perfect avenue to introduce them down the line. Latveria would be shown as one of the countries that overtook the remains of Sokovia. It might be tied into the post-Blip GRC conflict. It can also be the first inklings of Doctor Doom and the world of the Fantastic Four.

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