Sentry Vs. Superman: 10 Facts To Determine if DC’S Champion is Stronger Than Marvel’s

There are a lot of overpowered characters in the pages of the comic books. The two greatest comic book publications – DC Comics and Marvel Comics, have had their fair share of such superheroes. Superman is the quintessential almighty caped knight of DC Comics. He is the first truly mainstream superhero in the history of mankind. His skill sets and abilities are so vast and versatile that it will take us at least a day to list them all out. Superman is, by and large, a living God. For decades, Marvel had trouble finding a suitable answer to DC‘s highly popular Superman. But they found their match with Sentry. Robert Reynolds is Marvel’s Superman equivalent with his own sets of unique abilities. For years, the comic book fans have been debating as to who would win in a fight between Superman and Sentry. We have it figured out for you. Presenting – Sentry vs. Superman: 10 facts to determine is DC’s Champion stronger than Marvel’s.

 10. More Powerful Enemies – Superman

Sentry Superman DC Marvel

This one is kind of a given. Superman has been around for a far longer time than Sentry ever did. With Villains like Doomsday, Brainiac, Darkseid, and Mongul under his belt, He has traded fists with some of the greatest and most vile and strongest creatures the universe has to offer. And he hasn’t just survived them once but multiple times. In comparison, the Sentry’s greatest enemy is the Void, an entity that resides within the Sentry’s mind and is like an evil split personality that can take over the Sentry’s mind at any point of time and make him do things he does not want to. The Void is only as powerful as the Sentry since it is him only. But the villains Man of Steel fights are sometimes way more powerful than him.

 9. Range of Skills – Sentry

Sentry Superman DC Marvel

Sure Superman is overpowered. But you will be surprised to learn that Marvel one upped the ante when they introduced the Sentry, with powers and skills far more in range than Superman’s. The Sentry has all the powers of Superman except heat vision and freeze breath. But he also has additional abilities that Superman would envy to have. He can bend time, teleport anywhere, use telepathy and even change his shape and form as he so wishes. Sentry has a clear advantage over Superman in this field. There is also the fact that unlike Superman, Sentry’s power levels are virtually limitless as long as he keeps pushing himself.

 8. Raw Power – Superman

Sentry Superman DC Marvel

Let us make one thing clear. Just because Superman does not have as many skills as the Sentry does not actually mean the Sentry is stronger than Superman. Remember the Sentry’s greatest enemy is the Void – which is just his own evil psyche. The more powerful he gets, the more powerful the Void becomes if he decides to take over the Sentry’s mind. This means that the Sentry can never push himself too hard to use his god like powers lest the Void takes over and all is lost. Every time the Sentry throws a punch, he has to consciously keep a check on his power levels. He does not have that mental block. He can use the full force of his abilities without being forced by his own mind into a corner.

 7. Friends and Allies – Superman

Sentry Superman DC Marvel

The Sentry does not have too many friends in the world. That is because he has decided to keep his identity a secret from everyone, and in one story arc, he had to wipe out the memory of the Sentry from the whole world using his telepathic powers, including himself so that everyone forgets about the Void. Man of Steel on the other hand, has shared his Clark Kent secret identity with his closest friends and confidantes, chief of them being the Justice League. If a situation does arrive where Man of Steel is in a fix, the world’s greatest Detective, the daughter of Zeus, the King of Atlantis, the fastest man alive and the World’s mightiest mortal will come to his rescue.

 6. Experience – Superman

Sentry Superman DC Marvel Sentry Vs. Superman

Owing to his longer legacy compared to Sentry’s shorter publication history, Superman has more experience at trading fists and handling enemies. Sentry needs to stick around longer to actually have a good enough score in this field. For now, Man of Steel, because he has been around longer than the Sentry, has had more experience at literally everything – be it fighting, leading or handling emergency situations, has to be the clear winner when it comes to experience. The Sentry may be a good superhero but he is yet to reach the calibre of Superman, who has always been there for everyone to count on.

 5. Personality – Superman

Sentry Superman DC MarvelThe Sentry has an S symbol right on his chest. So does Superman. So what sets the two apart? While the S in Superman stands for Hope, the S in Sentry stands for Self-doubt and Self-loathing. Superman is called the Big Blue Boy Scout for a reason. Whatever you throw at him, Superman’s superhuman determination and inhumanly strong positive attitude is a huge plus point. People look up to Man of Steel. He represents a set of ideals that everyone would like society to strive for. Sentry on the other hand, is now more of a government agent that takes on dark missions and does pretty questionable stuff. Superman’s values and ideals are unshakeable while Sentry’s are morally questionable.

 4. Brute Strength – Sentry

Sentry Superman DC Marvel

Superman is known to be a God when it comes to brute force. He has been shown to move an entire solar system using just his hands. He once bench-pressed weight that was equivalent to three times the weight of the Earth. His punches, if he uses his full strength, can rip open the fabric of reality and space. But for all that power, the one thing that separates Superman from Sentry is – Superman has an upper ceiling. He can get strong but only up to a point. Sentry does not have an upper limit. The very basic tent of his abilities are that as long as the Sentry keeps pushing himself, his abilities will get stronger and the rate of development of said abilities is virtually limitless with no ceiling cap whatsoever.

 3. Technology – Superman

Sentry Superman DC Marvel

Superman has the technology of an entire hyper-advanced, interstellar empire at his disposal. Locked within his Fortress of Solitude are pieces of technology that are so advanced they are almost akin to magic. The huge database of information and knowledge within the Fortress itself is a magnificent resource. Superman can use this technology to augment his own skills. Sentry does not have access to such advanced technology. Unlike the Last Son of Krypton, he cannot use technology to gain a competitive advantage.

 2. Durability – Sentry

Sentry Superman DC Marvel

For all his powers, Superman has quite a number of weaknesses. For starters, Kryptonite can kill him or seriously injure him if he is even exposed to it for a short amount of time. Red Sun radiation can severely weaken him. Superman is also very vulnerable to magic. He also needs solar radiation to function. A lack of solar radiation or the presence of any other such factors as stated could be the final nail in the coffin for him. Sentry’s only weakness is that if he gets too strong and the evil Void entity within his mind takes over, then all is lost. Excluding that, Sentry literally has no other weakness to be honest.

 1. Winner – Superman

Sentry Superman DC Marvel

If you take all these factors into consideration, Sentry does not match up to the Big Blue Boy Scot. Granted Sentry has more brute strength and has no weakness, Superman scores a perfect ten in almost every aspect. In terms of technology, allies, experience, and a Rogues’ Gallery, Man of Steel is the clear winner. The fact that Sentry is yet to show us any such feats as Superman has shown us he can do over the years is also a deciding factor. Superman takes this cake fair and square. Sorry Marvel fans but the Golden Guardian is no match for the Man of Steel.

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