8 Most Brutal Kills By Supervillains In Spider-Man Comics

Spider-Man is the most sold comics of all time, undoubtedly a major reason is the villains of the series. The villains of the show are a league apart in themselves, while it is not all the A-Grade villains who are on this list, a number of them are here. These villains have turned so vicious at some or the other time that they even ate humans. Here are some of the deadly cannibals listed for you:

Lizard Eats Billy

Doctor Curt Connors had been fighting the Lizard side of his since many years. He eventually lost when Kraven’s daughter put his son in his path, even that did not stop him and the Lizard tore him apart and ate him, this sure had Spidey and Connors scarred for life as Spidey had trusted his friend and Connors, who himself will never be able to forgive himself for not just killing, but killing his child, and then eating him.

Michel Morbius Eats His Childhood Friend

Morbius the Living Vampire is one of the most famous Marvel antagonists. The sad life that he now has is because of him experimenting on vampire bats. After an experiment goes wrong he himself becomes a pseudo-vampire. The sad part is that he is not able to control his thirst for blood and also kills his oldest friend Nikos.

Venom Wants Brains

Venom has to be the most cannibalistic dude on this list. He is someone who has not just eaten one but many human brains. Venom, now an anti-hero wasn’t always such good guy. Once Eddie Brock, who had recently turned into a hero was getting it rough with some goons, and by that we mean, he was apprehending them, but the creature also ate one of theirs brain in the Mini-series Venom: The Hunger. This was because the brain has ‘phenethylamine’ and Venom needs that. In his search for a cure, Venom comes across the fact that chocolate too has phenethylamine and a good supply of chocolate would do the thing.

Carl King- The One Thousand

Carl King too was one of the students who went to the science exhibition where Parker got his powers. King, a bully in Midtown High came to know about the secret identity of Parker and wanted the powers for himself. He then tries hard to get bit by one of the spiders, when the spider doesn’t cooperate, dude eats the spider. While he got almost all of Parker’s powers, his body soon showed signs of disintegration and he became multiple spiders. These spiders when came in contact with Human bodies, they would get immensely powerful and growing. Carl ate 1 body per month and after years confronted Parker. He lost obviously.

Vulture Noir

Nope we ain’t talking about Michel Keaton or your regular scientist Adrian Toomes, here in the Noir Universe, Adrian Toomes is someone who can just be called a mute artist. The brainless dude worked at a circus. And Uncle Ben and Aunty May in this universe are not your regular motivating family, but socialist organizers, who take charge of the streets during the Great Depression. Vulture here earned his names not because he could fly, but because he used to eat raw human flesh. He also had a big hand in making Peter Parker Spider-Man as Uncle Ben here wasn’t shot in the street by a thug, but was ‘eaten’ by the Vulture.

Blob eats The Wasp

Though the Blob ain’t a spider-Man villain, but the issue had Spider-Man too in it. Wasp sure is someone who has died a lot in comics. Once even the Blob ate her? Not just that, he later says, “it tasted like chicken”. Later hank Pym gets to him though, in the exact same way as he got to her.

Jimmy- Red Vulture

This version of Vulture isn’t your standard Adrian Toomes version where he becomes the Vulture because of his wings, nor is it the noir timeline, in fact Toomes isn’t even the vulture here. Jimmy Natale is the Red Vulture here, who is actually a victim. Experimented on, this young kid, loses his memory, develops flight, acid spit throwing powers as well as a taste for human flesh. Once this poor soul can be seenfeeding on human flesh by Spider-Man, who then has to break his arms so that he can’t fly and then apprehends him to the police, feeling sorry for him.

Carnage Eats Everyone


Carnage can be the highest degree asshole that one is in the Marvel Universe. Once the bastard even ate the whole staff of the meat-packing factory as well as Four thousand cattle heads, redefining Cannibal standards for all.

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